Dismissal of Algerian Prime Minister Ayman Ben Abdel Rahman and appointment of Nadhir Arbawi as his successor News


The Algerian president concluded Abdel Majeed Tebboune – Today, Saturday – the duties of Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, and the Director of the Presidential Office, Nadhir Al-Arbawi, was appointed as his successor.

According to what was reported by Algerian official television, “President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune appointed Nadhir Al-Arbaoui as Prime Minister of the Government, succeeding Ayman Ben Abdel Rahman, whose duties were terminated,” without explaining the reasons for terminating Ben Abdel Rahman’s duties.

President Tebboune also appointed his advisor for legal affairs, Boualem Boualem, as acting director of the presidential office, succeeding Al-Arbawi, according to a presidential statement.

Ben Abdel Rahman was the head of a government composed of technocrats and representatives of parties supporting the Algerian president, which was appointed in July 2021.

Nadir Al-Arbawi, who has been Director of President Tebboune’s Cabinet since last March, is a diplomat who served as Algeria’s ambassador to several countries, most recently in Cairo, Algeria’s representative to the Arab League, and then head of the Algerian mission to the United Nations.

The post first appeared on www.aljazeera.net

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