Disaster diplomacy…and its missed opportunities

All adversities can provide people with material and moral rewards if they have prior awareness of how to do so. The adversities of natural disasters, despite their heartbreaking severity, are like all adversities that can have rewards, the most important of which is what is called disaster diplomacy, as the horror of natural disasters helps the countries in between. Enmities, rivalries, and disputes to overcome and accept assistance and support for disaster victims. Because the urgent humanitarian considerations are greater than any political considerations, and then after the end of the disaster, they sit amicably at the negotiating table to reach common understandings that resolve the causes of the dispute that would not have been resolved without the disaster’s assistance. Because its parties were sitting at the negotiating table with unfriendly backgrounds, while the humanitarian assistance that occurred during the disaster made them come together to negotiate with a balance of good intentions, and this is what contributes to facilitating reaching understandings that resolve the problems that have been pending for years or decades, and countries that are aware of the importance of disaster diplomacy in shortening years From negotiations to end its rivalries, it has emergency and rescue teams trained to quickly deploy in areas of natural and industrial disasters of all kinds and equipped with everything necessary for its contribution to be exceptionally qualitative and effective, forcing even governments with which it has rivalries to accept its assistance, in addition to a popular public donation campaign and an urgent relief airlift. With the basic needs of the afflicted, which, no matter how large, the subsequent return from a purely economic perspective is many times the cost of the aid – which is provided – which is represented by investment opportunities, especially related to the reconstruction of the afflicted areas, and the American government has an official voluntary program called “Peace Corps” that does this. The role, in addition to the fact that disaster relief and assistance efforts contribute to improving public impressions of any country and its global reputation more than any public relations and targeted propaganda campaign that costs tens of millions, and reputation and attractive impressions are the largest capital in our current era for any country because it attracts talents, minds, and investments. Tourism and free positive propaganda. Unfortunately, the Arab countries have missed many valuable opportunities by not employing disaster diplomacy. Therefore, they need to study the experiences of countries that are famous for disaster diplomacy and their advancedly equipped teams that reach the stricken areas in any country before local government assistance even reaches them, and this is what makes the difference. As for the Arab countries suffering from civil wars; The natural disasters that occurred were an opportunity to stop and end the civil war, but it was wasted. Providing specific aid to the affected areas could have constituted a fund of goodwill that would help in efforts to end the war. The greatest dilemma of humanity is that they are always thinking about how to exploit disasters in an opportunistic, psychopathic way that takes advantage of their circumstances to achieve gains. At the expense of the afflicted victims, as in what is called “disaster capitalism,” where major economic institutions exploit disasters to pass policies that are contrary to the public interest that they could not pass under normal circumstances. Some have even gone so far as to fabricate disasters of all kinds or work to prolong their duration or extend their consequences to the end. Achieving material gains from them, and this represents the ugliest and worst thing that human beings can be, and what these institutions do is no different from what criminal gangs do by kidnapping disaster orphans, trafficking their organs and selling them into prostitution, so disaster capitalism must be criminalized and all its psychopathic opportunistic gains must be nullified, while disaster diplomacy It shows the most beautiful and best that human beings can be when they come together from all over the world to relieve and rescue the afflicted, even if there is a history of hostility with their country.

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