Director of the South Jeddah Education Office: We are proud of the outputs of art education

Bakheet Al-Zahrani, director of the South Office in Jeddah Education, confirmed that he is proud of the art education outputs in the schools of the south, and said: “I was pleased to see my children, students at the peak of their artistic culture, as they talked about their work with love and mastery.” This came after the “Arts of Andalusia” exhibition was launched at Al-Andalus Intermediate School yesterday morning (Thursday), in the presence of a number of leaders of the South Office.

He said, “The teachers, with the support of their elegant principal, have transformed the school into a headquarters for visual arts since you entered the school gate, which indicates the awareness of the administration and teachers of the importance and role of art education in improving public taste.”

While the head of the Art Education Division in the South Office, Fahd Al-Jalouq, thanked the principal of the school, the teachers Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi and Nader Rajab, and the students participating in the exhibition.

For his part, the school principal, Mohammed Al Harthy, confirmed that many of the school’s students possess artistic talents in the field of arts, which encouraged us to take care of them, support them, and provide a suitable environment for them to present their best in the field of arts.

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