Dialogue | Mostafa Marin: The contractors have more chances than Zamalek to be in the Golden Square

Mustafa Marin started his football career as part of the Al-Nasr club, which produced one of the most important players in African and Egyptian football, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib. Then he moved to the Arab Contractors Club in 1993 and won with him 2 Egyptian Cups in 95 and 2004. He also won the African Cup in 1996 after defeating the champion of Zaire.

With the military team, he won 2 World Cups in 1999 and 2001, and in 1998 he won the first African Championship in Guinea as the first African military championship.

What do you think of the performance of the Arab Contractors in the Premier League?

The Arab Contractors performed this season with distinction, and at the end of last season, Shawky Gharib saved the Wolves of the Mountain from relegation, and the administration gave him confidence, and he succeeded in keeping the Arab Contractors in the Premier League, and the season started at a very impressive level.

Is it possible to see the Arab Contractors in the Golden Square this season?

It is possible that the contractors will be in the Golden Square this season, because it enjoys more financial, moral and administrative stability than Zamalek, and therefore its chance is greater in the Golden Square this season.

What if you were offered a position within the Arab Contractors Club, whether in the first team or the youth sector?

Of course, I am under the club’s command at any time. The El Mokawloon Club has a great credit to me, and my name was through it. I won 2 Egyptian Cups and the African Championship in 1996 with the Arab Contractors.

What is the strength of your relationship with Engineer Mohamed Adel, the general supervisor of the football sector at the Arab Contractors Club?

He is the spiritual father of all of us, and he has been present since I was a player in my last championship with El Mokawloon. The Egyptian Cup was in 2004 at the expense of Al Ahly Club, and he has been present since 2003 as well. His presence makes a difference to all of us because he is a respected personality and has a good relationship with everyone.

What are the chances of Al-Ahly Club in the African Championship in the current edition?

Al-Ahly club, with the experience of its players, can reach the final, even if the performance has been shaky in the recent period, with the exception of the Raja match

And I see that, by 70%, Al-Ahly can pass the next match, and with the experience of its players, it can advance to the final.

What about your expectations for the next super match?

I always see that there are no measures for the summit matches, even if it is a friendly match, a cup or a league, but I hope to see an exciting match and a distinguished performance from both teams, but there is no measure for victory, even if the data is in the hands of Al-Ahly due to its stability from Zamalek during this period, but the summit match remains without metrics or forecasts.

What do you think about the level of the Egyptian national team currently with Vitoria through the African Nations qualifiers?

The performance has changed and the shape of the national team has become excellent, and I see that it can bring us back to the national team of K/ Hassan Shehata and the golden generation of 2006, 2008 and 2010.

What are the solutions in order to improve the youth and buds to benefit the Egyptian football from them in the future?

I see that there must be a timetable to set an agenda with fixed dates for youngsters and buds at least for the next three years, taking into account the academic levels of the players.

Who are the most influential coaches in Mustafa Marin’s career?

I am indebted to each of Captains Hani Amin, the current executive director of Al-Nasr Club, Zamzam Muhammad Abdel-Samie, Yahya Al-Qarmouti, Muhammad Omar, Kamal Atman, Ahmed Mahfouz, Muhammad Radwan, Yousry Abdul-Ghani, and they all had an impact during my football career.

What about your personal ambition in the coming period?

My ambition is great because I played a lot and won many tournaments with my team, Wolves of the Mountain. I dream of playing a role with one of the national teams or the first team of the Arab Contractors.. I had an experience with the Cairo national team, born in 2005, with Alaa Abdo, and I traveled with them to Japan.

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