Deputies reject the presence of Roger Waters in Argentina for his statements about Israel

After the statements of Roger Waters on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, A group of leaders from Together for Change demonstrated against their presence in Argentina.

In the project, which was presented by legislator Sabrina Ajmechet and accompanied by Alejandro Finocchiaro, Karina Banfi, Ana Clara Romero, José Luis Espert, Rubén Manzi, Marilú Quiróz and María Sotolano, the officials express their “concern over the statements of British singer George Roger Waters, who assured that the State of Israel ‘makes up stories’ about what happened on October 7 when a group of Hamas terrorists murdered the civilian population.”

Furthermore, it is stated that “hinted that the attacked State itself could be responsible for the attacks”and that “they seek to question Israel’s actions in the exercise of the right to self-defense, being deeply anti-Semitic, using anti-Zionism as a mask.”

Finally, there was also a “deep repudiation of the singer’s presence in the country, in order to make two presentations in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).” It should be noted that the British artist will perform in Argentina on November 21 and 22 at the Monumental stadium..

What did Roger Waters say?

In an interview he gave to lawyer and journalist, Glenn Greenwald, he declared: “How the hell did the Israelis not know this was going to happen? I’m still a little bit down that rabbit hole.. I mean, didn’t the Israeli army in those 11, 10 or 11 fields hear the bangs when they exploded?”

Was they justified in resisting the occupation? Yeah. “They are absolutely legally and morally obliged to resist the occupation since 1967,” he added.

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