Death sentence for those accused of killing the Sahel doctor… Details of the first day in the correctional center

A state of terror and astonishment was experienced by the doctor accused of killing the Sahel doctor and his assistant – a clinic worker – who participated with him in committing this heinous crime, after the Cairo Criminal Court, sitting in the Abbasiya Courts Complex, ruled the death penalty for the doctor and his assistant and a 15-year aggravated imprisonment for the lawyer, the friend of the first accused.

After the verdict was pronounced, the two defendants entered a state of shock. After the end of the session, the guards headed towards the defendants to accompany them to the correctional center. Upon their arrival, their solitary confinement was prepared. It is a procedure followed in accordance with the regulations of the Community Protection Sector to protect them and the other inmates.

Minutes pass like years as the defendants wait for the measures that will be taken against them. In regular steps, the guard carrying the red suit walks towards the defendants’ prison cell to hand it over to them. With trembling hands, the first defendant receives his suit, asking the guard for a “Qur’an – prayer rug” to be his companion in his solitary confinement, trying to get closer. To God Almighty, asking him for pardon and forgiveness for his heinous crime that he committed against his friend to please his abnormal self, and the second accused asked the guard for the same request while repeating the phrases: “I did not kill anyone… I am innocent.”

The Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Abbasiya Courts Complex, headed by Counselor Abdel Ghaffar Jadallah, and with the membership of Counselor Alaa Raouf, Hisham Mamdouh Abdel Zaher, and the secretariats of Mohamed Abdel Ariz and Mohamed Alaa Farag, closed the curtain on the case known in the media as “The Coast Doctor” yesterday, Monday, by executing the doctor for the killing of the Sahel doctor and a worker at the clinic and the prison. The aggravated sentence is 15 years for the lawyer, the friend of the first defendant.

The Public Prosecution had received notification of the absence of the victim, Osama Tawfiq – an orthopedic doctor at Nasser Institute Hospital – as he was heading to work, turned off his phone and disappeared, and using modern technologies to determine the last time and place of his presence, it was found that he was accompanied by his accused friend, an orthopedic doctor in the same hospital, inside a clinic. Especially, as it was found inside that there were traces of renovations, recent excavations, and bags containing excavation waste, in addition to a foul odor emanating from the clinic.

During the inspection, the Public Prosecution was able to identify the source of the unpleasant smell during recent renovation and construction work under a refrigerator in one of the rooms, so it ordered digging under it and found the body of the victim, and assigned the forensic doctor to conduct an autopsy on him. To explain his injuries, the cause and manner of his death, taking samples from him to extract his genetic fingerprint, as well as examining traces of blood found in the clinic, comparing their genetic fingerprint to the fingerprint of the victim, and examining the medical drugs found in the clinic to determine their type, and the Public Prosecution requested police investigations into the incident.

The Public Prosecution found some surveillance machines, which, by viewing their recordings, determined the victim’s itinerary since he left Nasser Institute Hospital on the evening of the day after which he disappeared, on June 4, in the company of one of the three defendants, a worker at the clinic. They entered a property on Al-Rahma Mosque Street, and then They and the accused doctor left the same property the next morning.

The defendants were arrested as the worker admitted that the doctor made him understand that the purpose of luring the victim was to take revenge on him for a dispute between them. The lawyer confirmed that the intention of the doctor and worker in digging the hole in the clinic some time before the incident was to kill the victim and dispose of his body by burying him in it after stealing his money, or demanding a ransom. From his family in exchange for his release, the accused, the doctor and the worker, conducted a video simulation of how they committed the crime inside the residential unit to which the victim was lured, and the clinic where his body was found.

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