David Schwimmer on Matthew Perry: Thank you for ten years of laughter and creativity

The international actor David Schwimmer mourned his friend and colleague in the series Friends, the late actor Matthew Perrywho died at the end of last month, through his Instagram account, where he wrote: “Thank you for ten wonderful years of laughter and creativity. I will never forget your impeccable comedic timing and delivery. You can take a straight line of dialogue and bend it according to your will.” , resulting in something wholly original, unexpectedly funny and still surprising.”

Schwimmer continued, saying: “And you had a heart. You were generous with it, and you shared it with us, so that we could create a family of six strangers. This picture is from one of my favorite moments together. Now it makes me smile and sad at the same time. I imagine you there, somewhere, in the same suit.” White, with your hands in your pockets, looking around… Could there be more clouds?

The star of the Friends series died in mysterious circumstances on October 28, after he was found drowned in his Jacuzzi, at the age of 54. The document chronicles Perry’s 38-year career in the entertainment industry and mentions that the informant of his death was his famous stepfather, Keith Morrison. The document also confirms that he was buried at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles.

Police officials initially thought they were attending a possible “water rescue” at Perry’s home in Pacific Palisades after receiving a call at 4:07 p.m., but when they arrived, they found him unresponsive.

Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications were discovered at the scene, and police also found medication to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly used for people suffering from emphysema or chronic bronchitis.

It has not been confirmed whether the drugs found contributed to Perry’s death, but an autopsy was immediately scheduled to get to the bottom of the problem. After the autopsy, the cause of death was listed as “deferred” pending a toxicology report, meaning The authorities should have conducted blood tests before determining the exact cause of death.

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