David Gandy, the sexiest model in the world, talks about his role as the father of two girls

David Gandy, one of the sexiest models in the world, conquered the audience last night not only for her beauty but also for her charisma and friendliness. The British top, 43 years old, whom we remember as the protagonist of the advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance, has created her own clothing brand and went to The Anthill to promote his brand, David Gandy Wellwear, whose catalog includes antibacterial, anti-stain and anti-odor clothing, as incredible as it may seem. “That’s right,” confirmed the supermodel, who revealed that they have found “some European fabrics that are anti-stain, anti-odor and also have a moisturizing treatment with aloe vera.”

The model began the interview by telling How were your beginnings in the world of fashion? It came almost by chance. His idea was to be a veterinarian, but he didn’t get the grade to enter the race, and a friend of his signed him up for a contest without him knowing and managed to get the agency that still takes him to this day to notice him. He made his first announcement when he was 26 years old and now 17 years later he is still the image of the firm. Dolce & Gabbana and consider that “the real success of the ad is the white swimsuit.”

What I have noticed is that now, at 43 years old, it’s harder for me to get in shape that when I shot the first [anuncio] “At 26,” he explained with grace. In fact, when he has to prepare for an advertisement he eats more because his training is harder. ““I eat about 4,000 calories a day when I’m training hard,” revealed to the surprise of the presenter, who clarified that “it is almost double the normal amount.” “I still eat exactly the same, but in moderation. I follow more of a Mediterranean diet and don’t eat processed foods,” he added, although he couldn’t help but talk about his passion for cookies, for which he feels a weakness and confessed that on many occasions he He has even eaten a whole package.

-David Gandy, in HELLO! Fashion: “To seduce me, a woman only has to make me laugh”

At the same time He expressed his passion for our country and revealed that in five years he would like to see himself “retired living on a beach in Spain.” Part of his family lives precisely here. “I have my sisters living in Spain for more than 30 years. I have six nephews who are all Spanish, but they drink a lot of tea, that’s where the British side comes out,” she joked. Despite the discretion with which he has led his private life, David Gandy referred to to his two daughters, Matilda, five, and Tabitha Isabell, two, –born from his relationship with the lawyer Stephanie Mendoros -, and he had no problem talking about his experience as a father. “When you have children it is a wonderful time in life, but it is also a very difficult time because you make sure that they do well in life, but you forget about yourself a little. There have been moments in my life when I have been taking care of my daughters and I have forgotten to take a shower because I was looking after them,” acknowledged the British top.

For this reason, when creating the collection, “we thought about those basics that you are going to wear every day and that is precisely why we did it with the idea that those boring parents would not be so boring. For example, sweatshirts with pockets because when I go out with my daughters you always have to bring a candy bar or a toy unicorn, Kleenex… And men don’t carry bags,” he explained. “That’s why we designed this “clothes that are stylish, durable and sustainable, but practical”clarified the man who is considered one of the most desired men on the planet, who once again conquered the public with his naturalness and his most unknown side.

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