CyberMonday 2023 begins: how to buy and what are the best promotions

The discounts will be available from the early hours of Monday.  (Freepik)
The discounts will be available from the early hours of Monday. (Freepik)

From zero hour this Monday a new edition of the CyberMonday. More than 900 companies will once again offer their products and services with discounts and special promotions. The event will run until Wednesday, November 8. It will be the eleventh edition of the event and will include more than 100 firms that are joining for the first time. Of the registered companies, 245 are based in the interior of the country.

CyberMonday will feature 11 product categories available, including Electro and Techno, Travel, Furniture, Home and Decoration, Clothing and Footwear, Sports and Fitness, Supermarket, Health and Beauty, Motorcycles and Cars, Babies and Children, Services and Miscellaneous. Through the event’s official site,, users will be able to find discounts on more than 15,000 products, supported by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

According to Juan Pablo Parody, CEO of PrestoTienda, after the strong demand on Mother’s Day, this trend is expected to continue during Cyber ​​Monday. “Consumers are being more cautious with their spending and looking for deals in verticals such as Fashion & Apparel, Technology, Food & Beverage, Services, Home, Furniture & Garden,” he said.

Businessmen recommend always buying from local pages, to avoid paying a higher dollar when the card is closed. (Freepik)
Businessmen recommend always buying from local pages, to avoid paying a higher dollar when the card is closed. (Freepik)

Franco Tertzakian, CEO and co-founder of Shipnow, pointed out that the event takes place in a context of growth in e-commerce, with a year-on-year increase of 30%. “Financing continues to be an important factor for buyers, who look for opportunities to advance year-end purchases and purchase essential products,” said the businessman.

There are also good expectations in the tourism sector, which has already left the fifth edition of Preview behind and is beginning to think about the high season. Matías Mute, Co-founder of Air Promotions. He assured that the upcoming CyberMonday brings very good expectations. “There were very good previous editions and some bad ones, but this year in particular, the projections are positive, due to the situation we are experiencing with a card dollar priced at $731 so long ago and with a Mep Dollar above $800 and a blue dollar for $1,000,” he noted.

“It seems to me that it is a good time to buy, especially because it is before the elections and after November 19 we do not know what is going to happen. Having certainty about what we are going to buy at today’s price is an advantage that makes it more attractive,” said the businessman.

The event will last until Wednesday, November 9.  (Andean)
The event will last until Wednesday, November 9. (Andean)

For those who plan to travel abroad, Mute recommended always buying from national agencies, because the credit card is charged on the date of purchase and in the case of buying on a website abroad it is on the date of payment of the the card. “If we buy from a national agency, such as Take off o To the world“We are going to have the dollar fixed on the date of the purchase operation,” he insisted.

Of course, many companies will compete to position their best offerings in the market. From Naranja They will also offer 10% discounts in pharmacies and perfumeries and interest-free financing, among other offers.

On the other hand, WAYthe discount wallet, will extend the benefits all week: CyberWeek will be until 12th of November. Users will have a 20% refund in different items, in online stores, and an additional 10% savings in stores that are members of CACE. This applies to brands like Farmacity, Puppis, Simmons, Selú y Portsaid.

For its part, Lidherma, the dermocosmetics laboratory, offers a 30% discount on a wide variety of products, available at all Lidherma Skin House stores and through professionals. The discount applies to Lidherma and Mímika products, except accessories and is valid until November 8 or until the stock of 79,800 units is exhausted.

As a result of inflationary acceleration, what there will no longer be are payment plans in 18 or 24 interest-free installments. And in 12 interest-free installments there will be a few items and products, such as mattresses and box springs.

From CarrefourMeanwhile, they reported that they will have 2×1 on diapers, 3×2 on wines and sparkling wines, 20% discounts on snack cheeses, 25% discount on 1 payment or 6 interest-free installments on all Smart TVs, air conditioners and ventilation. In addition, they will offer 3×4 tires with up to 6 fixed installments.

There will be schedules with "bomb offers" special for consumers.  (Freepik)
There will be times with special “bomb offers” for consumers. (Freepik)

Likewise, many other offers can be found in all the companies participating in the event.

This edition of CyberMonday will have some particular features. The organization reported the following characteristics:

– Bomb Night MegaOffer: These are offers that will have a minimum discount of 20% and that will be available from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. or while supplies last.

– Mega Bomb Offers: During the three days of the event, special discounts will be announced in different categories, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. or while supplies last.

– Most Clicked: Within the MegaOffers section, there will be a section with a ranking of the most popular products among users.

– Misplaced Section: In this section, users will be able to find outstanding offers on out-of-season products or prices with offers considerably higher than the rest. It appears as a separate section and is new to this edition of CyberMonday.

– Customized Website: The great novelty of this edition is that the site will be personalized according to the preferences of each user. The site will be using machine learning to learn what each consumer likes and will make recommendations based on that.

Filters: Among the featured filters are quotas, volume discounts, price ranges, store pickup, nationwide shipping, bank promos, among others. In this edition, free shipping is added as a new filter.

– BOT: The user, within the MegaOffers, will be able to interact with eBot: a chatbot where they will talk about the most sought-after products, the must-sees, ideas for inspiration or even report MegaOffers.

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