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This Monday begins a new edition of the Cyber Monday, the online shopping event that brings together companies on a single website, with the aim of providing discounts on products and services for three days. The Consumer Protection Directorate provides advice to keep in mind to avoid possible scams.

He Cyber Monday It is an opportunity to find offers, but it is crucial to stay informed and protect your rights as a consumer protected by National Consumer Protection Law 24240.

In this context, the Consumer Protection Department provides a series of tips to take into account:

1. Register offers: Capture attractive offers through a screen print or a photo with your cell phone. This will provide you with solid evidence in case of discrepancies with what was agreed.

2. Select businesses with a good reputation: Opt for businesses with high ratings and positive reputations. Examine the opinion of other users in the publications and avoid any attempt to contact them outside the purchasing platform to coordinate payments and shipments.

3. Check site security– Make sure the website is safe for online purchases. A lock at the top of the browser is a security sign.

4. Evaluate shipping options: Ask the seller about the shipping system used and give preference to those that offer online tracking tools. The ability to track your order provides peace of mind.

5. Check stock: Do not proceed with a purchase if the product is out of stock. Before making a purchase, make sure there is stock available.

6. Analyze payment options: Require a ticket or invoice, which are crucial documents to prove ownership of the purchase and for future warranty claims.

7. Read the terms and conditions of the discounts: Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of discounts offered on credit cards, especially if there are limits that could affect your savings.

8. Monitor delivery times: Track your order with the code provided by the company. In case of any problem, contact the company directly to find solutions. If the company does not comply with the delivery, you will have the right to file a complaint.

It is important to remember that consumers have the right to cancel any purchase made online during a period of 10 days from the date of receipt of the product or service. This applies to purchases by postal means and no justification is required. Make sure to keep the product in perfect condition for return, although return shipping costs must be covered by the seller.

A published offer is a commitment from the supplier to the consumer. Once you have paid for a product, the business cannot argue for lack of stock or cancel the purchase. In the event of non-compliance with delivery, consumers can demand delivery of a similar (but never inferior) product or cancel the transaction at no additional cost.

Where to report?

Virtual attention for complaints is a free process and does not require the assistance of a lawyer. To do this, you must complete and send the Federal Single Window complaint form and wait for the response from the Mendoza Consumer Defense department or the municipal office to which the complaint processing is assigned.

In-person attention is aimed only at those people considered hypervulnerable, who need to process the complaint in person due to physical, technical or other acceptable reason: reduced mobility, disability, older adults, adolescents and/or tourists.

They must attend with the complete complaint form that is available on the address page and with evidence that demonstrates the consumption relationship: ticket, invoice or budget.

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