Culture mourns “Alwan” who draws a smile on “the lips of companions”

The departure of the writer, Muhammad Ali Alwan, does not resemble any departure; This civilized intellectual; He attends daily on humanitarian missions, which are not imposed on him; checks on loved ones; asks about friends; He reassures relatives, and puts a smile on the lips of his friends. By virtue of his linguistic capabilities of derivation, to transform the term from the grandfather box into a space of humor.

With the loss of (Abu Ghassan), the cultural scene loses a symbol of short story writing, and as grand as his presence is, the space for the absence of a symbol of ingenuity and mastery expands.

Years ago, the owner of (Bread and Silence) paid great attention to reading and writing, and made those who called feel aware of his own; that he finished reading a novel; and began writing a story; Or reviewing a group for publication, and it was like someone who used his time professionally to accomplish as much as possible of his project.

He was very surprised by those who write professionally; They did not miss an opportunity without attending it, even if people got tired of attending it, and he used to reserve honoring limited to a paper certificate or a wooden shield. He (may God have mercy on him) believes that the greatest honor for him is having a person whom he does not know own one of his works and his feeling of relative satisfaction with the book.

The satirical shot is one of the apparent features in the writing and life of the late Muhammad Alwan. In the bio of his account on the (x) platform, he describes himself as a Saudi silencer, and adds, I mean with a ba.

Muhammad Ali Alwan was born in Abha in 1950. He holds a BA in Arabic Literature from the College of Arts at King Saud University in 1974. He worked in the Ministry of Information since his graduation in 1394/1974, and worked gradually until he assumed the position of Assistant Undersecretary for Internal Information Affairs. He supervised the cultural pages of Al-Yamamah magazine and Al-Riyadh newspaper for several years. He participated in story evenings in literary clubs and the Arts and Culture Association. He was a founding member of the Asir Foundation for Press and Publication, which publishes Al-Watan newspaper. He issued several works; And collections of short stories, including (Bread and Silence), published by Dar Al-Marikh in 1977.

(The story begins like this) Short stories. It was published by Dar Al-Uloom in Riyadh in 1983. For the memory of a homeland, a collection of articles; 1994.

(Damasah) short stories. A collection of short stories was published by the Abha Literary Club in 1998 (phone). It was published by the Abha Literary Club in 2014. (One of them) is a collection of short stories, published by the Literary Club in Riyadh in 2019.

(The Asha Bird), a collection of short stories published by Dar Sotoor in 2020.

And (Mountain Tales Applaud) 2021.

(Mercenaries and Other Stories) 2022 by Dar Tashkeel.

And under print (banana rose).

And the respected writer Abdullah Al-Majid, “Muhammad Alwan,” sees him as one of the generation who breathed the winds of modernity coming from the north and drank it voraciously, and were influenced by it in their writings, even if his first collections of stories crossed the borders, he was recognized as a promising writer. He explained that when he presented the collection (Bread and Silence) in 1977 in the hands of “Yahya Haqqi”, he became enthusiastic about it and wrote a distinguished introduction to it. I am really sorry that this group has gone by without the attention it deserves. Majid promised him; One of the pioneers of that generation, which produced writers and writers in poetry, stories, novels and criticism.

As for the critic Ahmed Buqari, an extravagant narrative writer who takes us with a sweet, spontaneous storytelling familiarity towards a popular ritual tinged with translucent sadness.

The critic, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghathami, lamented the late Muhammad Alwan, and wrote a tweet, May God shower Muhammad Alwan with the gardens of his bliss and contentment. He wrote and excelled in the short story and made his deep impact on the stylistics of storytelling. He was interested in writing the novel, and that was my conversation with him and my motivation for him for years. From a narrative sense, interesting language, and a rich imagination.

And the critic Dr. Saeed Al-Suraihi wrote: “May God have mercy on the friend Muhammad Alwan and make him dwell in his spacious gardens. With his loss, we lost one of those who established the art of modernity in narration in the Kingdom and contributed to the literary movement during half a century of distinguished giving.” My condolences to his children, his honorable family, and the literary arena.

Veteran journalist Muhammad Al-Tunisi wrote: “Today, the creative writer Muhammad Alwan, the pioneer in writing short stories, has gone to Dar Al-Baqaa.” And he added, the late – may God have mercy on him – was known for his high morals and elegant dealings.. He had a career with the media, starting with the Ministry of Information, in which he was appointed undersecretary for internal information, and supervised the cultural pages in several newspapers.

And Dr. Muhammad Al-Quwaiz wrote: “May God forgive Abu Ghassan, our writer Muhammad Alwan, who captivates everyone who knew him; With the gentleness of his morals. While the poet Al-Hamidi Al-Thaqafi wrote: “May God have mercy on the writer and storyteller Muhammad Alwan, and he said, I was distressed by his departure

That authentic literary stature and the great intellectual that I always wanted to meet.

The storyteller and critic, Dr. Hassan Al-Nami, promised him that he was not original in the experience of the short story in Saudi Arabia, and he said; May God have mercy on the companion of the word and the owner of the narrative text associated with the character of the place, one of the symbols of the story, and from the middle generation in the experience of the story in the Kingdom, and the owner of an experience of a modernist nature that is not overwhelmed with obscurantism. His latest work is the short story (Banana Raida), which is awaiting publication. In it, he went through the experience of the long story, gathering during it his broad narrative experience.

It was inherited by the poet Mufreh al-Shaqiqi. Writer: A sad cultural day. The departure of the creators leaves a painful impact on the soul, on the hearts of papers and pages, on the breath of libraries, and on the sky of culture. Muhammad Alwan will remain alive in the memory of crafts and literature, and his biography will remain luminous and never extinguished.

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