Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia…and there is only one reason that prevents him

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia...and there is only one reason that prevents him

Cristiano Ronaldo

Talal Abu Saif

Cristiano Ronaldo can’t take it anymore and wants to leave the Saudi Al-Nasr team, five months since he arrived at the Saudi club for two and a half seasons, and with a historic contract of 200 million euros per season, according to press reports.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, those close to Cristiano Ronaldo began to publicly announce this situation with the clear aim of being able to leave and return to Europe or search for other markets.

17 matches played by the Portuguese since his arrival in Saudi Arabia. Fourteen of them are in the league, two in the King’s Cup, and the other in the Super Cup. More than 1400 minutes, in which the Portuguese scored thirteen goals.

Ronaldo is threatened with huge financial penalties if he leaves Al-Nassr

If Cristiano Ronaldo decides to leave without a valid reason, he will have to compensate the club for the remaining two years of his contract as stipulated in the FIFA Regulations for the Transfer of Players. Specifically, Article 17 of it related to termination without just cause, stating that “in all cases, the party terminating the contract undertakes to pay compensation”.

Compensation is calculated taking into account national legislation, the specifics of the sport and other objective criteria. These criteria shall include, in particular, “the remuneration and other benefits payable to the player under the current contract or the new contract, the remaining contractual time, up to a maximum of five years, the fees and expenses paid by the former club (amortized over the term of the contract), as well as the question of whether The termination of the contract occurred within a protected period.

In addition to the duty to pay compensation, the regulations establish sporting penalties against a player who terminates a contract within the protected period. As is the case for the Portuguese, who is currently 37 years old, and has two years to sign a new contract. It must be remembered that in the case of Manchester United there was an agreement with the English club to terminate it. This explains why he was not punished.

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