Cristiano Ronaldo announces his continuation with the Saudi victory: I am not thinking of leaving

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi Al-Nasr striker, revealed the truth about his departure from the world, in the coming period, after the news that emerged about his discomfort in the Kingdom.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia in the last winter transfer period, in a record deal that cost the club nearly 500 million euros.

Ronaldo decides his fate with the Saudi victory

Cristiano Ronaldo said in his statements today to the Saudi media: “I am happy here in the Kingdom and I want to continue. Next season will definitely be better with Al-Nassr.”

And he continued: “Frankly, I expected to win a championship this season with Al-Nassr, but what happened was that the team came out without championships, and I am very optimistic about what will happen next season.”

When will the Saudi league become one of the major leagues in the world?

And he added, “The Saudi League is very good, and there are special things, and there are things that need to be developed. The infrastructure needs to improve a bit, and even the referees and VAR technology, they have to be faster.”

And he continued, “If they continue with their plans in the next five years, the Saudi League will become among the strongest (5) league competitions in the world.”

And the Don continued: “In Europe, the training takes place in the morning, and here in the afternoon or evening, and in Ramadan, the training at ten o’clock was very strange.”

Ronaldo concluded his remarks: “All young and old players are welcome. If this league happens, it will improve a lot.”

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