Consultant: Cranberry juice does not cure UTIs, but it does help prevent them

Professor and consultant of urology, andrology and infertility diseases, Dr. Saleh bin Saleh, said that drinking cranberry juice does not treat urinary tract infections, but it helps prevent them by 10 to 30%.

The urology consultant explained (through his Twitter account) that prevention of urinary tract infection is better than treatment, and this can be achieved by following some tips such as: good cleaning, drinking a sufficient amount of water, avoiding urine retention, and wearing cotton clothes.

Dr. Bin Saleh had mentioned earlier that those who suffer from kidney stones are more likely to develop gallstones, and vice versa:

He added that although kidney and gallbladder stones differ in the way they are formed and their clinical signs, the common risk factors for infection with them include not drinking enough water, and excessive intake of foods rich in fats, proteins and salt.

Dr. Bin Saleh advised eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water, and maintaining an ideal weight, to prevent kidney and gallbladder stones.

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