Clear to partly cloudy weather during the day and wet at night

The National Center of Meteorology expects that the weather tomorrow will be fair to partly cloudy and dusty at times during the day, and clouds will appear in the east that may be cumulus in the afternoon, and it will be humid at night and Monday morning with a chance of fog or light mist formation on some coastal areas, and the winds are light to moderate in speed, brisk at times, exciting to dust during the day.

Wind: Southeasterly – Northeasterly / 10 – 25, reaching 40 km / h.
Arabian Gulf: Light, as the first tide occurs at 19:11, the second tide at 06:37, the first tide at 12:03, and the second tide at 01:05.

Sea of ​​Oman: medium, turbulent at times, while the first tide occurs at 14:59, the second tide at 04:40, the first tide at 08:33, and the second tide at 22:16.

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