City Club Benha Hosts “Capitano Egypt” Exams

City Club Banha hosts tests "Capitano Egypt"

Capitano Egypt

Islam Osama

Within the framework of the national and societal role of the City Clubs group spread across the various governorates of the Republic, City Club Banha hosted the “Capitano Egypt” tests to discover and nurture talents in the football game, with the aim of producing selected elements and creating a base of sports heroes to be the nucleus of the national teams.

Those in charge of City Club clubs provide support and assistance to (Capitano Egypt) to search for talents in the most remote points in the various governorates, cities and villages of Egypt in order to discover a generation of talents.

And the officials of the Capitano Egypt program specified some instructions for the players and their families, most notably that the exams take place from eight in the morning until five in the evening. from his family to prevent crowding.

In the same context, officials of the Capitano Egypt program announced earlier the dates of the exams in Cairo Governorate, due to the unprecedented turnout in the exams in other governorates and the presence of large numbers of non-registered people on the website from various governorates of the Republic, and in the interest of everyone’s safety and giving the opportunity to all applicants with integrity. And impartially, it was decided to conduct the tests of the Capitano Egypt program in the Greater Cairo Governorate for the month of August, and until today, Monday, August 21, the tests will be held in Banha Sports Stadium for applicants from the Qalyubia Governorate.

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