Chinese Vice President: China’s power should not be underestimated


Chinese Vice President Han Jing stressed the choice of dialogue and not conflict in international crises, stressing that the two-state solution is optimal for the Palestinian issue.

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly at its 78th session, the Chinese official said that the global security situation, disasters, and the economic situation are factors that put the world in the face of many challenges, calling for choosing dialogue rather than conflict, and partnership rather than monopoly.

He considered that the Palestinian issue is the essence of Middle East issues and its solution lies in establishing two states, stressing that the two-state solution is the best solution for the Palestinian issue.

Regarding the Ukrainian file, the Chinese Vice President stressed that his country supports all efforts that help reach a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

He added that stopping hostilities and resuming peace talks is the only way to a settlement in Ukraine, stressing that China stands ready to continue playing a constructive role to achieve peace in Ukraine.

He called for addressing the legitimate security concerns of all countries and resolving them through peaceful means.

He considered that his country opposes the principles of hegemony, unilateralism, and the Cold War mentality, and stressed that Beijing is committed to an independent foreign policy.

Regarding the human rights file, which his country is accused of violating, the Chinese Vice President said that his country opposes the politicization of human rights and should not be used as a political tool to interfere in the affairs of other countries, as he put it.

He stressed not to underestimate China’s strength and its ability to maintain its territorial integrity.

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