Chelsea beat Tottenham 4-1 in an incredible match

Chelsea gave a blow in the Premier. They beat Tottenham 4-1 as a visitor, breaking their undefeated record and dropping them from the lead that belongs alone to Manchester City. All this happened in a tremendous match that had everything, because the Spurs had two sent off and played with nine from 10 minutes into the second half. The Argentines? Cuti Romero saw the red for hitting Enzo Fernández who then left with an injury. And Mauricio Pochettino celebrated with everything, right against his former team…

The London derby was changeable. Because the locals took the lead after five minutes through Dejan Kulusevski, they regained the lead and it seemed that they were going to have a controlled game. But none of that, The VAR came into action and changed history because there were four goals disallowed! The first of them, from the Korean Son, made it 2-0 but a fine offside denied him.

After, The Blues reacted but two screams were drowned out for a handball by Raheem Sterling and an offside when Moisés Caicedo had scored. However, in that same play The 1-1 would come from a penalty: Cuti Romero wanted to control the area, he missed a long shot and He hit Enzo Fernández with a terrible blow. The VAR called, it was red for the defender and a penalty that Cole Palmer converted to make it 1-1.

Cuti Romero’s shot at Enzo Fernández: penalty and red

Premier League 6-11-2023

Great plan from Cuti to Enzo and red

For this renewed Tottenham under the command of Ange Postecoglou, that desire to play was always stopped by being left with one less and suffering the injury of Micky van de Ven, no less than the other central defender. To make matters worse, at the beginning of ST Destiny Udogie saw the second red. Unarmed defense, two less players and to endure as much as possible.

The red one for Cuti in the eyes of Enzo (AFP).The red one for Cuti in the eyes of Enzo (AFP).

This was how it was for 20 minutes, with the Italian goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario as a figure covering everything in the goal and even closing with sweeps outside the area. All until Chelsea reached 2-1 with a counter advantage: pass from Sterling and goal from Nicolas Jackson to unleashing Pochettino’s cry, a release after having been insulted and booed by local fans (he coached there from 2014 to 2019).

Nicolas Jackson scored a hat-trick to turn the 1-1 into 4-1 (REUTERS).Nicolas Jackson scored a hat-trick to turn the 1-1 into 4-1 (REUTERS).

Tottenham, already lost, went for a heroic draw. And despite the final result, it was close. In fact he achieved it with Eric Dier, but then came the fourth goal disallowed, another millimetric offisde. After that, Bentancur and the Korean Son were nowhere near achieving it.

And Chelsea took advantage of that desperation to finish it off with two more goals from Jackson, all equal. Two players against the goalkeeper, back pass and definition. A 4-1 that ended up being tremendous and the best victory of the Pochettino era that allowed them to climb to 10th place.

Enzo Fernández left with an annoyance

Premier League 6-11-2023

Enzo left the field at Chelsea

The midfielder received a blow from Cuti, his teammate, but continued playing. In the ST, after Chelsea kept two more players, He fell to the floor and asked for change, accusing him of discomfort.. Something to keep in mind for Lionel Scaloni and the Argentine National Team 10 days before the duel vs. Uruguay (11/16) and then Brazil (11/21).

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