Central took the three points from Rosario but Barracas tied it at the end

“It’s going to be a battle,” Jorge Broun anticipated in a note prior to the game.. Fatura was not wrong and Barracas Central and Rosario Central did not take advantage. It was a 1-1 draw with goals from Francisco Álvarez, against, and Nicolás Tolosa. The parity explains quite well what the development of the match was, where football was not abundant and imprecision was common.

The Guapo and the Scoundrel have two different objectives. Those led by Sergio Rondina were looking to save themselves from relegation this afternoon, but since they were unable to achieve a victory they were unable to achieve it. On the other side, and with a different reality, the Rosario team wanted to add three to stay in the Copa Libertadores qualifying zone, a place from which they could be left out if San Lorenzo beats Boca.

Expectations were high on both sides, but the reality is that on the court it seemed that nervousness, imprecision and haste prevailed on both sides. Taking a general x-ray of the match, it can be concluded that the 90 minutes were unattractive and with many mistakes.

The best was seen at the end of the first half, where in a five-minute burst there was a goal against Francisco Álvarez that put Canalla ahead and a sudden reaction from Guapo, who at the feet of Nicolás Tolosa achieved the tie .

On both sides, the usual actors were the ones who caused the most danger: Iván Tapia, with his good punch, and Jaminton Campaz, with his imbalance, were the ones who tried to contribute something different, but they didn’t make a noticeable difference either. Just a few sparks, and not much more. In any case, the figure on the field was Carlos Quintana, who was very solid in the aerial game, in one-on-one and who had a key solvency in the key of Miguel Ángel Russo’s team.

The point, seeing how it developed, seemed to convince both teams. Of course, to continue in the race for their respective objectives they must revalidate the tie with a victory. In Parque Patricios, 90 interesting minutes were not played, but, as Fatura Broun anticipated, it was a battle that had no winner.

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