Cavinder Twins explodes ‘sexy girl’ story: We were duped

The Cavinder twins said they were disgusted by a recent interview they claimed was a “blatant sexual trope” to exploit their looks and undermine their athletic and business ventures.

Haley and Hannah Cavender, who became top zero earners while playing basketball at the University of Miami, retaliated by shooting reporter Ethan Strauss of The Free Press, during an interview they said was conducted and published under a false pretense — and “degrades” to “the girl ( hot girls). ”

On Tuesday, the Bari Weiss-led outlet published a feature by Strauss titled: “The NCAA has a ‘Hot Girl’ problem.”

The 22-year-old sisters issued a fiery statement Wednesday disputing the story’s intentions, saying they were only asked “one question about our physical appearance” during the interview process — which they said included Strauss following them up the weekend before. One hour sitting conversation.

“The interview for this article was obtained under the false pretense that it would write about life after zero, why we didn’t take our fifth year, our passions, and our business opportunities,” the siblings said in a joint statement on Twitter.

We were specifically told by the post that the context would be “seeing the Cavinders as a very important story not only in the context of women’s college sports but in new media culture and business.” They’re building a hugely successful brand, they’re at the forefront of the new space, and we think that’s exciting and newsworthy.

“We discussed with our team and met with the media publicly after reviewing intentions. Hayley and I welcomed this man into our home. He followed us all weekend asking us questions and understanding what was going on in our daily lives. After the weekend, we did a sit-down interview in our kitchen for over an hour and were only asked one question about our “physical appearance.”

The subsequent article not only disparaged our sporting and business achievements, but reinforced the narrative that hard-working, creative, and pioneering women can only do well if they are seen as attractive. This business ignores work ethic, dedication to nothing, and commercial endeavors.

“He fails to acknowledge the young girls/women who follow us and that we work so hard to inspire them. Instead, it degrades us down to “hot girl(s)”. We agreed to do the interview and wanted to support a woman who runs a news outlet. We are disappointed and disgusted by this journalistic practice and blatant sexist trope. We just want to inspire young women to pursue their dreams, work hard, and think big. Now we must defend it against men who wish to sum up their potential by physical appearance.”

Strauss did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Both Haley and Hanna opted out of their fifth year of eligibility to focus on NIL deals and other opportunities, including pursuing their professional wrestling careers.

The brothers signed a NIL deal with WWE in December 2021 and recently made their television debut with the company as part of NXT.

As of early 2023, full-time influencers have earned nearly $2 million.

Haley and Hanna’s NIL deals and other long-term brand partnerships include Pronamel, Champs Sports, Bucked Up and Victoria’s Secret.

They also joined Jake Paul’s sports gambling team Betr, which will feature the “Twin Talk” podcast.

Haley and Hannah, who transferred from Fresno State to the University of Miami in April 2022, graduated in May, and now split their time between Miami and Arizona.

The former D1 guards helped the Hurricanes reach the first Elite Eight in program history before the March Madness run came to an end at the hands of eventual champion LSU.

The Cavinder twins also made headlines in February when they were involved in their first NCAA infractions ruling, despite not being penalized.

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