Cavallo called on Milei to vote: “I’m going to help him”

The former Minister of Economy, Domingo Cavallo, called to vote for Javier Miley in Sunday’s runoff. During a television interview, the inventor of convertibility assured that he will help the La Libertad Avanza candidate in whatever way he can.

“I’m going to vote for him and if I can I’m going to help him carry out his ideas,” he said in statements to TN. And he added: “Now I have no doubt that The person who can produce the change in the direction that is needed is Javier Milei.

“I didn’t want to get into the fight to be available to help them. I spoke with the different colleagues who worked with the candidates, and today I have no doubts“I’m going to vote for Javier Milei and if I can help him carry out his ideas,” he said last night.

Massa promised to “bring down inflation to less than half” and said when he would announce his Economy Minister

Massa is obviously the continuity and Javier Milei is the change. “Those two words describe the situation well,” he said at the start of the interview. “Whoever wins, between Patricia and Milei are going to have to work together. And I didn’t want to get into that fight, that’s why I didn’t speak out,” he said.

“I was a student leader, I had liberal ideas. But it was very difficult to convince the youth and he achieved a miracle, he fought the cultural battle and managed to introduce the ideas of freedom. He embarked too much on giving instrumental details that are not to be discussed in TV, but yes to discuss between professionals. Don’t get angry if one thinks one thing and another thinks another.“he assured.

For Cavallo, Milei “does not have to be his own Minister of Economy”

As president, “he will have a leadership attitude,” according to Cavallo. But he pointed out that “it doesn’t have to be your own economy minister.”

Gerardo Morales responded to Javier Milei about his hospitalization: “The truth is, you don’t understand anything”

“Milei has very good people. Ocampo is a very high-level professional. He (for Milei) will be able to put together (a team). He, with the issue of dollarization and closing the Central Bank, and all those somewhat exaggerated expressions What did, He indicated that he is determined to defeat inflation“, he claimed.

Para Horse, It was correct that Milei said that he would eliminate the dollar trap as soon as possible. “What I warn and I told him is that it is very important to unify and liberalize the exchange rate, as well as foreign trade. But it must be done in a non-traumatic way because there could be an inflationary impact that is difficult to solve,” he estimated. .

Milei is going to explain the direction of the economy, which is completely different from the current one. The issue of exchange management has to be prudent. Once the election is over, we should unify the commercial market,” he urged.

Asked about privatizations and the resistance that exists today, Cavallo responded that “Ménem was convinced that they had to be carried out and had the intelligence to obtain two key laws to be able to privatize“. However, while it failed to stabilize the economy, “very few privatizations were carried out and with great difficulties.”

Milei confirmed that he will privatize public media: “They are propaganda mechanisms”

“Milei wants to privatize… stabilize quickly and this way it will be easier to convince”he said, regarding the resistance.

“What I say is that He has to put himself above all the Ministries and deal with all the issues. If you get into the details of managing the economy, you will not have time to deal with all the issues that a president has to deal with,” he advised Milei.


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