“Cash for Rares”: Dealer comes unduly close to ceiling light

“Cash for rares”
“Did you just lick it?” Dealer comes unduly close to ceiling light

Dealer Christian Vechtel examines a ceiling light at “Bares für Rares”.


Someone wanted to know exactly: dealer Christian Vechtel took a close look at a lamp at “Bares für Rares”. His colleague Lisa Nüdling had questions.

Even at the age of 82 you can still improve your life: Werner Estinghausen gets rid of a ceiling light that hung in his bedroom – and was always annoying. “You could never really make the beds,” says the pensioner from Münster. This marks the end of an era: the lamp had been in the family’s possession since September 1965.

It was designed by the Viennese designer Emil Stejnar on behalf of the Rupert Nikoll manufacturer, like Detlev Kümmel explained. The lamp was actually intended for Viennese café houses. The design became famous: Is it a snowball? A dandelion? In any case, the shape catches the eye. The first lights were manufactured in 1955, the example displayed here dates from the late 50s or early 60s.

“Cash for Rares”: The expert corrects the price downwards

Estinghausen would like 800 euros for it, but Kümmel adjusts the price slightly downwards and thinks 500 to 600 euros is possible. The pensioner would also sell for that. And so it goes into the dealer room. There, Christian Vechtel has doubts as to whether the flowers on the candlestick are really glass. So he gets so close to the lamp that his colleague Lisa Nüdling asks, “Did you just lick it?”

It is also Vechtel who opens the auction with his starting bid of 100 euros. Markus Wildhagen opposes this, and so the price in the bidding duel initially rises to 400 euros. But when that’s still not enough for the seller, Wildhagen increases it to 500 and the deal goes through.

Werner Estinghausen is now driving home with a good feeling, and Markus Wildhagen is happy about the beautiful lamp. The defeated Christian Vechtel can console himself with the fact that he at least got very close to the object.

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