Camping attracts lovers of nature and tranquility in AlUla Governorate

Many residents and visitors of AlUla Governorate from different countries of the world, in search of nature, tranquility and photography, are keen to camp under the sky and observe planets, stars and galaxies, as it is considered one of the most beautiful and enjoyable hobbies.

There are many tourist destinations in AlUla Governorate, ranging from luxury desert hotels and historical landmarks, to desert adventures among sand dunes, mountains and various rock formations. The governorate is also preparing to open its doors for the winter season and welcome visitors with a package of various events and programs that “AlUla Moments” recently announced, targeting all… Segments of society.

The SPA lens captured some night photos of the tents and the stars around them, forming an artistic painting through which one can contemplate the greatness of the work of the Almighty Creator.

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