Camilo previews the song ‘Salitre’, his collaboration with Manuel Carrasco

Camilo y Manuel Carrasco They have become an unexpected musical couple. The Isla Cristina singer and the Colombian artist have teamed up to launch Saltpetertheir first collaboration together that hits the platforms this Friday, November 10 and that the interpreter of Pegao presented this Wednesday exclusively on The Anthill.

The surprise for the fans came hours before the start of the interview with Pablo Motos. Both published on their networks the first images of the recording and small videos in which you can hear the sound of the guitar. “This is just a small part, the rest is on the way ⏳”, they wrote.

The next thing was the interview and the proposal from the presenter of the Antena 3 program to Camilo. He didn’t say no and it didn’t take him long to grab the guitar to sing exclusively “a little piece” of Saltpeter.

A preview of the lyrics of ‘Salitre’, by Manuel Carrasco and Camilo

I want everything with you,

and that this will never end,

He knocked on the door to love,

I opened it for him to enter,

But it’s of no use

If you can’t stay

and I didn’t know how to stay

So that you would stay.

But I don’t want to wait anymore

Because time flies by.

I haven’t felt a love like that since school

and my heart with the kiss you gave it

At night he consoles himself.

But I don’t want to wait anymore

Because time passes us by,

You give me the OK and I’ll start looking for a house

I desire you

You don’t know how many

Let’s do everything

Less missing

Camilo is in Spain to attend the gala of the Latin Grammy 2023 which is celebrated on Thursday, November 16 in Seville. The Colombian is nominated in seven categories and, although it is not the one with the most nominations, yes is the one who can win the most prizes since their rivals have several nominations in the same categories.

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