Calvin Klein, Lacoste and other high-class brands in less than 2 thousand pesos

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There are tennis brands that can be purchased for less than 500 pesosbut there are department stores that offer pairs of brands considered luxuryCalvin Klein, Lacosteamong others) for less than 2 thousand pesos. Below we tell you where and which pairs are on sale; as well as payment facilities.

One of the department stores that offers these tennis brands for less than 2 thousand pesos is Iron Palace, where people can defer their purchases for months without interest, especially if they have the departmental card; To access it, people must have a minimum income of 5 thousand pesos per month.

What are the high-class brand sneakers for less than 2 thousand pesos?

The first pair is about Lacoste shoes model 745SMA0070Y37, which is on sale and has a price of one thousand 974 pesos. The sole is synthetic and non-slip, the upper is cowhide, while the lining is suede; They are white and have green trim.

Other Lacoste sneakers in one thousand 974 pesos, thanks to the fact that they have a 40 percent discount, they are model 745SMA0051092; It is a multicolored pair with a synthetic and non-slip sole, as well as a textile lining and synthetic upper. There are several sizes, from 25 to 30, according to the El Palacio de Hierro online catalogue.

Some tennis shoes brand Calvin Klein They are also available with a 40 percent discount and their cost is one thousand 979 pesos. The YM0YM00744-YBR model has a synthetic sole and textile lining; Not only are they casual sneakers, but they can also be used for running or going to the gym.

Calvin Klein It also has a tennis model (HM0HM01238-YBJ), whose price is 1,739 pesos. Casual in style, this shoe has a synthetic sole and a leather upper. Although they do not have the possibility of being acquired for months without interest at El Palacio de Hierro.

For its part, Liverpool has Lacoste tennis shoes for women for only 1,890 pesos; They are white and have synthetic soles. The department store does not offer the possibility of purchasing them for months without interest, not even in the case of all those people who have their store card.

All of these tennis brands usually have a price above 2 thousand pesos and thanks to the sales in stores, such as Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro. These promotions are within the online catalog, but both companies have free shipping with minimum purchases of 400 pesos.

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