Bruce Willis: the last advertisement he made for a Mexican beer before he faced dementia

Capture: YouTube.
Capture: YouTube.

The relentless shadow of frontotemporal dementia continues to darken the life of the iconic actor Bruce Willis, leaving a trail of heartbreaking moments in its wake. Recently, a visit from his ex-wife, Demi Mooreshed light on the harsh reality of his mental deterioration.

The encounter, which took place after Demi returned from a trip to Italy, was described as heartbreaking by a source close to the family. Bruce, plunged into the depths of dementia, He couldn’t recognize the woman who was once his wife. and companion. The American media Closer shared the statement of someone close to the former couple: “his memory faded. Demi realized that he didn’t really recognize her, she is devastated. “She had no idea he had fallen so far.”

The frontotemporal dementia, a relentless neurodegenerative disease, has robbed Bruce of his identity and the memories he once shared with Demi. This sad episode highlights the relentless nature of this disease which can cause dramatic personality changes, emotional indifference and loss of language skills.


Despite this painful moment, Bruce can still recognize his current wife and daughterswhich sheds a glimmer of hope in the midst of the darkness that surrounds him.

This is not the only shocking testimony about the actor’s condition. Close friend Glen Gordon Caron shared that conversations with Bruce have become increasingly fleeting. “My feeling is that between one and three minutes he knows who I am. He is no longer fully verbal. He used to be a voracious reader and now he doesn’t read. All those language skills he no longer has available. However, he is still Bruce. When you’re with him, you know it’s Bruce and you’re grateful he’s there, but the joy of life is gone,” he explained.

The disease has left scars on the man who once starred in iconic films such as Sixth Sense and although its essence continues to beat, its identity fades in the dark labyrinth of dementia. Bruce Willis’s fight against this devastating disease remains a moving testament to the fragility of the human mind.

Capture: YouTube.
Capture: YouTube.

A couple of years ago, before the memories of Bruce Willis plunged into darkness, the actor had a brief approach with Mexico. Thanks to the advertising of a famous Mexican beer brand, the actor appeared in the headlines and on the televisions of Mexican families.

It was a promotional campaign for the Tecate beer in which Willis personified “The guardian of flavor”, a fictional character that is supposedly present in every refrigerator to preserve the greatness and ideal temperature of the mythical red can beer.

In the television advertisement, the brand establishes that making a high-quality beer is a serious matter for a company. “How serious?” he asks, before stating that they hired a guardian: Bruce Willis. So the actor takes control of all aspects related to the factory in a responsibility that is “24 hours”.

Before the actor suffered from frontotemporal dementia, the actor made a funny beer advertisement Credit: InformaBTL Magazine

The promotional takes a fun and comical tone which shows how Willis takes care of the level of the tires of the trailers that transport the beer, the ideal temperature of each refrigerator and even the color of the cans.

Such audiovisual It was directed by Rodrigo García Saiza Mexican filmmaker who recently premiered his debut feature Lluvia at the 2023 Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

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