Brian Fernández broke the silence on ESPN Team F

Brian Fernandez He broke the silence in an interview with ESPN Team F: He spoke about his present, which finds him “improving little by little”, he reviewed his career, expressed his desire to play again and declared: “I really want to live and be well“.

Since his separation from Atlético Moreliawhich terminated him in mid-September 25 days after his arrival, the 29-year-old attacker did not play again.

Below, the best phrases from Brian Fernández in the note with Pollo Vignolo and team:

Your present

“I’m fine, calm, thank God. I’m improving little by little. With my mother at home, with my brothers, my sisters. Doing what I haven’t done in a long time, spending time with my family. I played in other countries, I I stagnated and did not lean towards the family, who is always there and never let go of my hand. Today I send them a message and they continue to respond to me.”

“There are a lot of people who weren’t like before and don’t pay attention to me. Maybe because I played ball or because I was in the United States or France. Today I don’t let myself get so carried away by that Brian.”

“It’s been a long time since I really smiled. It’s very difficult for me to go out on the street and be able to take photos with someone. I was criticized so much that even that is difficult for me. Or to sit down to eat in a restaurant. In Santa Fe it was very difficult for me. I’m a fan of Colón, I played and I didn’t go the way I wanted.

“I really want to live and be well.”

“I’m not angry with anyone. I felt like they were attacking me and today I look at it from the other side. I like that they talk to me. They helped me a lot, my son’s family took me to the Church so that I could have a different air.”

“My psychologist’s name is Charly, I take things out a lot with him. I talk to him a lot. He has good temper, I open up a lot. I tell him the truth. I’m 29 years old and I very rarely told my truth. Not with my mother, not with my brothers. “.

“I am very shameful and I hide a lot. More than normal. That’s where the problem appears.”

“I haven’t had a cell phone for four years. I only use social networks (Instagram).”

“It’s a daily job. Sometimes things get difficult. It depends on each person. I have to start selecting people, knowing that’s not where it is.”

“I had real friends in the neighborhood and they all failed me. Today I mistrust a lot, it is difficult for me to make friends.”

“It makes you anxious. I would like to go back to the Defense, where I was happy and played ball. I didn’t earn much, but I was very happy. I went out to eat as many times as I wanted, I could enjoy being with my daughter, in a house. Today it doesn’t matter to me whether or not I have a mansion. That doesn’t satisfy me. I want to be calm, like the days when I was fine. I’m going to work to achieve it.”

“When I set my mind to something, I can accomplish it. I have to find a way to sustain it.”

The importance of your mother

“I see my mother as very calm. I don’t move there all day. Or I send a message to my daughter’s mother to do activities with her. I accompanied her to artistic gymnastics. She’s going to be 9 years old. She told me very happy to be able to share with her.”

“She is a great woman. To this day she makes herself available to everyone. She doesn’t care where I played. She just wants me to be calm and well. She sleeps next to me.”

The desire to play again

“I really want to play again. I never felt like quitting. Several teammates send me a lot of messages, they ask me if I’m training, how I feel.”

“I don’t know who will call me. I’m not desperate either. Let the times be what they have to be. I like it a lot, I go in to play ball. Without pressure, or thinking about the rival, or obligation. There I play ball and I sit down. That’s why it works out well for me. I get hot from a kick or a punch, but the other person wants to hurt you at that moment.”

“I’m going to see my brother Nicolás in Defensa y Justicia and he’s close to me. Today he’s going through an injury and it makes me angry that he can’t play the minutes he’s used to. I’m also going to see Leandro and Juan Cruz. There are 10 of us brothers, 6 men and 4 women. We all play soccer and we are forwards (laughs).”

“The other day I went to see Defensa-San Lorenzo and I was left in the dark because I wanted Perrito Barrios’ shorts and I asked him like a fan. He immediately gave me a hug, said it was a pleasure to meet me. Many came up, almost everyone. They gave me a hug and I hadn’t felt it in a long time.”

“In a locker room I don’t fight, I like to help, be a teammate. I never got along with anyone. I never behaved badly. “I had my problems in my personal life.”

“I’m a Colón fan, but I love Defensa. It’s the club that gave me the chance to play ball.”

“To play today, you have to train every day. Before, I had some pain and I didn’t train. I like playing soccer. I don’t like the gym at all. I prefer power and speed.”

“The possibility of going to play came up, I was excited and made the decision to leave the place where I was doing rehabilitation. The hospitalization in that community had already been completed. I was so eager that I hurried. Nowadays I say: why Didn’t I wait until December to go to Badajoz?”

“I regretted having left Portland Timbers. I packed my bags, paid for my tickets and came to see the Colón final, but I didn’t get there.”

Review of his career

“For me, my football career was good.”

“I was almost 18 years old, I came to Defense and after 4 and a half months I was playing in First Division.”

“My son Milan likes to watch my goals. He is 5 years old and already plays for River. They love him, he is left-footed, a cracker.”

“Now I have the pass in my possession.”

“Maybe I couldn’t because I have a problem that I have to deal with. Obviously I would like to continue helping in Colón. I had good games, I scored a goal. I never disrespected the fan. When I asked for a hand, they weren’t there. It was that easy.”

“From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, they didn’t help me at all. People don’t know that. They never paid me and when I wanted to help buy refrigerators, pay for a hotel for those in the Reserve or rent a bus, they wanted me to put it in his name so as not to look bad. I helped from the bottom of my heart.

“What a nice club Racing is. I like it too much. El Cilindro is beautiful. I have a very good relationship with the Blanco family.”

The relationship with Messi and Maradona

“I met Messi in the Under 20 training sessions with Pablo Trobbiani. But I never took a photo with him. I liked seeing him. I ask (Facundo) Farías about him and he always answers me.”

“I had a great relationship with Diego. One time he got angry because I didn’t go to Dorados or Gimnasia. I was doing very well in Necaxa. Everyone told me that I was crazy and I didn’t want to. He wanted to kill me. We made a video call, he gave me a t-shirt”.

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