Brian Fernández broke the silence: from “I really want to live” to Maradona’s anger

The striker, who is without a club after his contract was terminated in Morelia, Mexico, spoke about his extra-football conflicts and remembered when Diego got upset with him for a rejection.

Brian Fernandez

Brian Fernandez reappeared this Wednesday in the media Two months after his controversial departure from Morelia, Mexico, who terminated his relationship in September for “breach of contract” after an episode that the same player recognized in a statement on networks as “a penalty”.

Now without a club but recovering between family and professionals from their addiction problemstold ESPN about the importance of containing one’s environment as motivation to move forward: “I have my son playing in River, Milan, His mother and grandparents from Santa Fe are in charge of putting it into practice., I see him and I love seeing him do activities. I really want to live and be well“.

Immediately, the brother of Uvita and Leandro Fernández stressed that as a teammate he never had problems with colleagues: “In a locker room I never had a bad relationship with anyone, I don’t fight, I like to help, be a teammate, support those who score goals. I get along with everyone, I never got along with anyone or did anything wrong to anyone that I know of, I never misbehaved.. Yes, I had my problems outside of the club ring where we trained, but never having had a fight or argument with a teammate.”

Brian Fernández remembered when he made Diego Maradona angry

I had a great relationship. She got angry once because she didn’t want to go play on his teams. He wanted to take me to Dorados and when he came to Gimnasia too and I told him no. And everyone asked me ‘are you crazy? I didn’t want to and he wanted to kill me. He gave me a t-shirt, I have a t-shirt of his saved. I didn’t want to go play at Gimnasia or at Dorados. I was in Necaxa, I was fine, it wasn’t because of him. We had a different conversation than that of a player and coach,” he recalled with a laugh.

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