Bodour Al Qasimi: “Sharjah Book” promotes dialogue between peoples and enriches the global cultural scene

confirmed boss council administration body Sharjah for the book role girl Sultan Al Qasimi that Sharjah take hold its status in all suitable center culturally worldwide, And an address reliable for every from Wants Identify on the culture Arabic with its history Busy and their contributions humanity, She indicated to role that adopt it Sharjah from during its activities and its initiatives And in Introduction exhibition Sharjah international for the book, which reinforces dialogue between peoples, and increases the scene cultural Global Versatile richer.

came that marking advertisement body Sharjah for the book on to choose Korea Southern a guest honor session the42 of exhibition Sharjah international for the book, that Takes place in Period what between November 1-12 next in center Expo Sharjah, And submit an opportunity To communicate with group from the book and thinkers and characters cultural from Different countries the world.

And he comes to choose Sharjah Korea Southern ovation by inheritance cultural Human korean that extends for thousands years before birth, where Prepare the culture korean one from older cultures persistent in the world And the most affluence, as represent an example inspiring to succeed in synthesizer creative and sustainable between heritage the old and culture modern, and he Sample that enjoy Carefully big from the cities cultural Arabic in a form general and principality Sharjah in a form private that solved a guest honor on exhibition flood international for the book in Its the 65 in Period from June 14-18 the past 2023.

and about status exhibition current gesticulate achieve it during his career from successes, She said role Al Qasimi: “Thanks to instructions member the Council the above governor Sharjah Sheikh Doctor Sultan son Mohammed Al Qasimi, had become exhibition Sharjah international for the book one from most important achievements Arabic during the years Fifty past, where appearance platform for publishers and makers the book and owners Libraries to thrive and building Partnerships and documentation Relationship with The audience, as to open for culture Arabic windows futuristic To determine track it and access to Slices wider from the society».

turn, He said President Executive for a body Sharjah for the book Ahmed son gallop Al Amri: «The celebration by experience cultural for korea Southern embodied Vision Sheikh Doctor Sultan son Mohammed Al Qasimi, that confirmed that Knowledge And the book more powerful establish building relations between civilisations and countries the world, And the most Sustainability.

and submit wing Korea Southern in exhibition program culturally Rich With events and activities that reflect aesthetics And variety the culture korean, that enjoy popular big between Young from all around the world, from during sessions dialogic workshops a job and offers Artistic, to get to know visitors on date and civilization And arts Korea southern, And lights up on her language and its culture and its dishes. as hosts wing Korea a number from authors and characters cultural korean, that Involved her experiences and her opinions with The audience.

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