Boca’s one x one: SCORES vs. San Lorenzo, for the League Cup

Xeneize tied 1-1 against Ciclón at the Nuevo Gasómetro in Mariano Herrón’s second debut as interim coach. He was far from qualifying for the Libertadores by annual table.

Boca vs. scores  San Lorenzo

After losing the Copa Libertadores final in Rio de Janeiro against Fluminense, Boca could not raise its head and tied 1-1 against San Lorenzo in the Nuevo Gasómetro for date 12 of the League Cup. The Uruguayan Miguel Merentiel opened the scoring for Mariano Herrón’s men, but the Paraguayan Adam Bareiro declared a final equality that complicates Xeneize in its goal of entering the top continental competition in 2024.

Boca’s one x one: the scores vs. San Lorenzo, for the Professional League Cup

  • Sergio Romero: 3. Bareiro ate 1-1 with a false start. Up to that point she had had little work and had responded well.
  • Luis Advíncula: 7. He won much more than he lost on the mark. He never negotiates sacrifice. Made for Boca.
  • Nicolás Figal: 7. Header, deflection and stick in the first half. Bomb, Battle and crossbar in the complement. Close to the goal, with some doubts on the mark.
  • Nicolás Valentini: 4. He appeared in the photo of San Lorenzo’s 1-1, although with a secondary responsibility. Until then he had been firm on top and sober at the start.
  • Marcelo Saracchi: 5. Active, especially when he had Colo Barco as a partner. He put in a cross that deflected and hit the crossbar. He left it to Barrios in the 2-1 score annulled by the VAR.
  • Cristian Medina: 4. Loose match. He lost a lot of balls. He was the first to leave: Blondel replaced him 13 minutes into the second half.
  • Guillermo Pol Fernández: 6. He tried to become the axis of the midfield and at times he succeeded.
  • Jorman Campuzano: 5. Imprecise despite not taking risks in the passes. He went past Barrios in the disallowed goal.
  • Valentin Barco: 7. Playful to assist Merentiel to make it 1-0. Intermittent, but the clearest in three quarters of the field.
  • Miguel Merentiel: 7. Great pass cut to Cavani in the first half. Classy definition for 1-0. Boca can’t let him go: they have to buy him from Palmeiras at the end of the year.
  • Edinson Cavani: 3. He threw the diagonal and this time, unlike the final vs. Fluminense, he kicked the goal: Batalla blocked it. Boca needs much more from him.

They entered

  • Lucas Blondel: 4. He entered through Medina and ran Advíncula into midfield. He failed to make a foothold, neither in attack nor in defense.
  • Ezekiel Bullaude: 4th. Juice 20 minutes. The match asked for more intensity on their part.
  • Bruno Valdez: 4. He also played 20 minutes, in which San Lorenzo went up in smoke against Boca.
  • Luca Langoni: No rating. Few minutes and no game.
  • Dario Benedetto: 5. He came in at the end and took a shot that went over the crossbar.
  • (DT) Mariano Herrón: 6. Few days of work. He did the logic and didn’t try strange things, something that was quite common in his predecessor.

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