Biden: I still consider Xi Jinping a “dictator”

At the conclusion of a press conference that followed the summit, he said: Biden In response to a question about whether he is still considered… Xi Jinping Dictator: “Well, he is a dictator in the sense that he is a man who runs a state, a communist state, based on a system of government that is completely different from ours.”

Biden also said that he agreed with… Chinese President To speak by phone “directly and immediately” when any crisis occurs.

He explained The American President He and his Chinese counterpart agreed to “keep the lines of communication open, including between me and President Xi.”

He added, “He and I agreed that any of us could pick up the phone and call directly and he would be answered immediately.”

Biden also said that the summit he held with his Chinese counterpart was “constructive and fruitful,” noting in particular an agreement to resume high-level bilateral military talks and measures to combat the drug fentanyl.

“I just finished several hours of meetings with President Xi, and I believe these were the most constructive and productive discussions we have had,” Biden said.

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