between discipline and perseverance

At a time when good example is rarely seen and awareness and sense of responsibility are weak, a person’s carrying out his duties and responsibilities has become a great burden and a heavy illusion on him.

Here, I may mention Minister Al-Qusaibi (may God have mercy on him) who reduced the meaning of manhood to the person carrying out his responsibilities.

Discipline is a large and comprehensive concept in terms of words and actions, and perseverance is a limited term for persevering in a specific matter, and according to the people of the language, perseverance is necessary and discipline is transgressive. And clothing, food and drink, and the student of knowledge must be disciplined in all of that.

And recently, during the blessed month of Ramadan, we lived through the reality of studying in Ramadan, and how all the concerned institutions tried to limit the absence of students, but they were unable, and from time to time a decisive word appeared, and in the noise of the month of worship, prayer, and fasting, as if no one had heard it, because it was accompanied by one or two degrees.

The list of behavior and perseverance, that stick that the educator carries to urge or intimidate students into a certain behavior or prevent them from it, is no longer useful and no longer has an effect that achieves what society aspires to and what the official aims for. To achieve it, the student is absent for a long time and succeeds with distinction, and this is inconsistent with that.

The privilege is not deserved except by that student who is disciplined in morals, etiquette, behavior, knowledge and attendance, and in order for us to reduce the phenomenon of unjustified absence that precedes the days of leave and beyond and the seasons of Hajj and Ramadan, we must move to the list of academic discipline, under which all that I spoke about previously is included and not limited to the discipline of our children In their presence or absence, and in order not to get high grades from those who are present and those who are absent, we must work on a list that gives our students their rights and at the same time prevents success from those who do not deserve it, and that there is a ratio of attendance and another for absence in each stage that the student cannot pass, otherwise he will be denied Its material is a reason to educate our children to adhere to and bear their responsibilities and comprehensive discipline in all aspects of their lives.

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