Barracas Central and Rosario Central tied 1 to 1

Close 1-1 tie between Barracas C. and Canalla at the Claudio Chiqui Tapia stadium, for date 12 of the Argentina tournament – Professional League Cup 2023.

The local team began winning with a goal from Francisco ÁlvarezNicolás Tolosa, against, in the 42nd minute of the first half, while through Francisco Álvarez, against, the visitor equalized the match after a few minutes.

Rosario Central could not score the tiebreaker goal, but had a higher ball possession record than its rival with an average of 59% over 41%.

Nicolás Tolosa was the figure of the match. The Barracas Central defender was important for scoring 1 goal.

Another important player in the game was Kevin Ortiz. The Rosario Central midfielder made 41 correct passes, removed 4 balls and finished on goal 2 times.

With a dirty game, the match played between both teams stood out. There were 3 reprimands: Tomás O’Connor, Juan Cruz Komar, Siro Rosané. Siro Rosané was sent off after receiving his second yellow card, in the 92nd minute of the second half.

The technical director of Barracas C., Sergio Rondina, proposed a 5-3-2 strategy with Andrés Desábato in goal; Facundo Mater, Nicolás Capraro, Francisco Álvarez, Juan Ignacio Díaz and Nicolás Tolosa on the defensive line; Iván Tapia, Carlos Arce and Siro Rosané in the middle; and Alexis Domínguez and Bruno Sepúlveda in attack.

For their part, those led by Miguel Ángel Russo stood with a 4-5-1 formation with Jorge Broun between the three sticks; Damián Martínez, Juan Cruz Komar, Carlos Quintana and Alan Rodríguez in defense; Tomás O’Connor, Kevin Ortiz, Fabricio Oviedo, Ignacio Malcorra and Jaminton Campaz in the midfield; and Tobías Cervera up front.

The judge selected for the match at the Claudio Chiqui Tapia stadium was Luis Lobo Medina.

Barracas C. will visit the Institute on the next day. On the Canalla side, they will play at home against River Plate.

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