Barcelona is facing a crisis that was not taken into account after leaving Camp Nou

The Barcelona team, the Spanish football champion, is facing signs of a crisis in the next season 2023-2024, during which it will move to the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium due to construction and development work at Camp Nou.

And the Spanish newspaper “AS” confirmed that there is no demand for buying season tickets by club members and people who used to own these cards.

She explained that only 15,000 subscribers – out of 80,000 who used to buy tickets every season at the Camp Nou stadium – applied for tickets for the new season.

And she indicated that Barcelona reserved for its members and affiliates 27 thousand seats out of 49 thousand is the total capacity of the Montjuïc stadium, which will be the temporary stronghold of the “Blaugrana” during the 2023-2024 season until returning to Camp Nou in the next season, which means that it is still there. 12,000 tickets are available to members.

According to the newspaper “AS”, Barcelona members will be able to obtain season tickets officially, starting tomorrow, Monday.

Fans will have to search for alternatives in transportation in order to reach the Montjuïc stadium, given that the road to it is not ideal, according to the Spanish newspaper.

Barcelona is racing against time in order to fully prepare the stadium in order to host the team’s home matches in the Spanish League and the European Champions League.

Work is underway to install air conditioners for the players’ changing rooms and the press conference hall.

Video referee (VAR) rooms are also being developed, in addition to strengthening stadium lighting, and preparing VIP areas.

In addition, Barcelona will have to pay between 15 and 20 million euros in rent for the stadium to the city municipality.

On May 23, Barcelona revealed the new prices for season tickets 2023-2024 for the team’s matches at Montjuïc Stadium.

The prices were 50% lower than the prices of last season, as they ranged between 255 and 870 euros in the new season for one season only, after the club’s board of directors approved the regulations.

Season ticket prices in Barcelona for the season ending 2022-2023 ranged from 506 to 1,738 euros.

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