Barcelona is again 9

The Castellers of Barcelona have joined the group of teams that have made a castle again this year, downloading 4 of 9 with a liner in the first attempt of the season. The reds recover the nine floors, after their last one was in the 2018 Castells Contest. They have also made another 2 of 8 with lining and 3 of 8.

The people of Barcelona have shared the square with Minyons from Terrassa who are preparing their Day and who have completed the 3 of 9 with lining, the 5 of 8 and the 2 of 8 with lining, three castles that intend to go up a floor on the 19th. For their part, the Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia have played the classic 8 and the Castellers de Sabadell the 4 of 8.

Final round for the Capgrossos

The Capgrossos of Mataró have rounded off their great season with the magic triplet, to which they have finally not added the 9 out of 8. The good year of the people from Mataró is reflected in two extra-range castles and thirteen basic nines without any drop.

In the capital of Maresme, the Moixiganguers from Igualada have also performed, who have lowered their gears and have had the basic eights as the best castles. The Castellers de Lleida, on the other hand, have not been able to with 4 out of 8, which they have dismantled.

Valls closes the season

The two groups of Valls have done the traditional last performance in Vila-rodona, where both the Joves and the Vella have concluded the year with the basics of 8 and the pillar of 6. The Children of Tarragona have also done the 3rd and 4th of 8 in Altafulla as the last commitment, where the local group has taken 2 out of 7.

The Castellers de Terrassa have completed their best performance of the year, repeating 4 out of 8 and making their first 2 out of 7 since 2019.

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