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Following the Banking Daywhich is celebrated this Monday November 6th, Customer service in public and private banks throughout the country is not going to work. However, Various procedures can be carried out electronically.

Today is a Holiday for workers in banking entities, so Users will not be able to access in-person, personalized attention at checkout to resolve doubts or problems.

But the banks needed What are the operations that will be able to be carried out during Bank Worker’s Day?:

  • Transactions at ATMs and self-service terminals.
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals, and credit card payments.
  • Electronic payments for services, although the first business day thereafter will be taken as the payment date.
  • Use of homebanking and bank applications.
  • Cash withdrawals in supermarkets and pharmacies.

In any case, the banks remembered that by not having clearingoperations such as depositing checks will only be credited the next day.

Why Banking Day is celebrated

Bank workers celebrate their day every November 6 in commemoration of the foundation of the Banking Association in 1924. For many years, Bankers’ Day was a working day for the financial system and in which workers did not receive any sum in recognition for their day.

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In October, the minimum salary for bank workers was $539,826.18, a figure that follows from the initial remuneration of $521,000.12 and $18,826.05 for the Profit Participation (ROE).

Furthermore, in Novemberemployees of the sector receive the bonus corresponding to Banking Day with a minimum amount of $464,453.59.

On the other hand, Starting this month, Profits will not be deducted to workers with incomes of up to 15 SMVyM, since the decree of the Ministry of Economy governs.

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