Banfield won, was saved from relegation and sank Colón further

In the South the party broke out. When the 1-1 between Banfield and Colón seemed nailed down, Milton Giménez gave the victory to Taladro who thus won 2-1, ensuring permanence in First Division and forgetting about relegation. On the other side, the other side. Sabalero fell and is in the red zone with only two dates left.

A huge joy for those led by Julio César Falcioniwho in his fifth cycle at the club was able to fulfill the objective of lifting him up, saving him from a situation that at some point was very compromising and making his figure even bigger. And, of course, with the victory they entered the top four in Zone A of the League Cup in the fight for the title.

But of course, people ended up raving at the Florencio Sola, singing against Lanús and against Colón as well, two clubs that are friends. A relief for the Verdiblancos who at some point during the year had a bad time but managed to get up and are now out of risk with six points to play for.

The Taladro celebration with the scorer Milton Giménez (Fotobaires).The Taladro celebration with the scorer Milton Giménez (Fotobaires).

With so much at stake, it was an even and measured match. With few entry situations and even a little clearer Columbus until the end of the first half in which a penalty opened things. Gian Nardelli’s naive grab of Juan Bisanz and Milton Giménez’s first goal.

The scorer who had had a very good finish in the Professional League had been dry so far in the League Cup, but this Monday he got even with the two goals that saved Banfield. To celebrate long and hard.

El Sabalero, in Israel Damonte’s second match as coach, reacted when he least expected it. Because Germán Conti saved the 0-2 on the line and after a while he headed an attacking center from Emmanuel Mas and Wanchope Ábila showed his hierarchy with a half turn for the partial 1-1.

Wanchope Ábila celebrates the partial 1-1 for Sabalero (Fotobaires).Wanchope Ábila celebrates the partial 1-1 for Sabalero (Fotobaires).

The game was close and it seemed that they were going to distribute points until that play at the end, the center into the area and the deflection of Milton Giménez for the 2-1 and the joy of the Drill and punishment for the visitors who lost a lot without that point.

Colón was left alone in the relegation zone

If they had tied, Sabalero would have been left with the same 43 points as Unión and having to play a tiebreaker if they finished that way. Now, The defeat left them with 42 units in the relegation zone according to the annual table. And they have two finals left to lift: Sunday hosting Talleres and the last one visiting Vélez, a direct rival.

Banfield’s goals vs. Colon

Milton Giménez 6-11-2023

Milton Giménez scored the 1-0 penalty for Banfield

Colón 6-11-2023

Wanchope tied it for Sabalero

Milton Giménez 6-11-2023

Agonizing goal by Milton Giménez to make it 2-1 for Taladro

The Banfield formations vs. Colon

Banfield (4-1-4-1): 21-Father Cambes; 32-Emanuel Colonel, 4-Alexander Maciel, 6-Aaron Quiros, 33-Emanuel Insua; 31-Yvo Streets; 22-Juan Alvarez, 24-Ezekiel Canete, 20-Ignatius Rodriguez, 17-Juan Bisanz; 45-Milton Gimenez. DT: Julius Falcioni.

Colón (3-4-1-2): 12-Matías Ibáñez; 33-Facundo Garcés, 2-Germán Conti, 40-Rafael Delgado; 21-Eric Meza, 5-Cristian Vega, 14-Baldomero Perlaza, 3-Emmanuel Mas; 10-Ruben Botta; 22-Javier Toledo and 9-Ramón Ábila. DT: Israel Damonte.

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