Banfield won a crazy game against Colón, escaped relegation, and knocked out Sabalero

In the last play, in the agony of a poor but very tough match, Banfield beat Colón 2-1 and at the Florencio Sola the salvation was celebrated almost like a title, the peace of mind of knowing that in 2024 he will continue playing in the highest division of Argentine soccer, because he took 7 points from his rival when there are six left in play. The Sabalero, on the other hand, remains penultimate with 42 points and in a direct relegation position, one behind Unión and three behind Huracán, Sarmiento and Vélez.

Banfield knew that if it won it would ensure permanence in the First Division two dates before the end. Colón knew that he had to win so as not to further jeopardize his situation in the annual table. It was known that between two teams that had a bad year, not much could be expected from a football perspective. Therefore, no one took the risk from the start.

The game was quite bad, until the visitor dared to go after it, with crosses into the area, with high pressure that generated errors from the rival. Before, at 29 minutes, Giménez first tried a half turn and the ball went close. Then, at 36, there was a failure in the local defense, Mas stepped into the area, threw the center back, Botta was preparing to score and Insúa arrived just to cut in and send the ball to the corner.

There were 10 minutes in which Colón showed himself superior in managing the game and in his presence in the rival area. The Drill’s approaches were more sporadic but also more sharp. At 39, Bisanz entered the area, kicked and the ball went close. And at the end of the stage, a cross arrived in the area, Nardelli grabbed Bisanz’s shirt and referee Pablo Dóvalo did not hesitate to sanction a penalty. Giménez executed it, Matías Ibáñez got to touch but could not prevent Banfield’s goal.

At the start of the final half, Colón almost got the tie. The local defense marked poorly, Abila appeared alone on the left, but instead of kicking at the goal, he tried to look for a teammate and the ball was lost in the background.

In the general disorder, Sabalero was always a little more, who had in Rubén Botta the most thoughtful player, the one who provided clarity in each attempt. On the local side, Insua’s display and intensity tried to infect the rest of his teammates.

At 10 minutes, Banfield had the lead 2-0, but Bisanz’s shot was taken off the Conti line. The response was a Botta shot from distance that went just wide. Finally, the well-deserved equalizer came from Colón and the vindication of Wanchope Abila, who caught a ball in the area and immediately scored the 1-1 score.

The Santa Fe team was not satisfied with the tie and that is why the changes made by Israel Damonte tried to have more control of the game and greater offensive power. In addition to the people’s request, Falcioni sent Gerónimo Rivera to the field, who was the savior two weeks ago in the match with Vélez. But the kid this time couldn’t do much and even escaped red after a strong tackle on Perlaza. Rivera was infected by the rough game that he dominated in the final part.

At 40 minutes, Colón had another unbeatable chance after a loss by Calleros in the middle, but Benítez lost control of the ball and allowed the local defense to recover. And at 43, the Paraguayan also failed in the back pass. And the old football saying does not fail, what is lost in one goal, is achieved in the other. In the last play of the game, the ball was left to Coronel, he kicked the goal, Giménez appeared to deflect the ball and achieve the agonizing victory and permanence in First Division.

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