“Bajila” is looking for a preacher for the Friday prayer.. and “Islamic” for “Okaz”: no one applied

A number of residents of the village of Bajila – one of the villages in Al-Hait Governorate in the Hail region – expressed their dissatisfaction with not assigning a collaborative or official preacher to conduct Friday prayers in the village mosque 8 months ago. They pointed out that the Islamic Affairs Department of the Wall did not present an advertisement for the position of an imam and preacher, after the resignation of the previous imam and preacher. What caused the collector to malfunction.

Ibrahim Al-Rashidi said to “Okaz”: “I am an imam and preacher of the village mosque for 40 years, and the mosque is official and accredited by the ministry. to do the sermon at the mosque; What caused the village mosque to stop performing Friday prayers for eight months, and we still do not pray Friday prayers there.” Mabrouk Mubarak Al-Rashidi added, saying: “I am 40 years old and I am praying Friday at the village mosque, but after the imam’s resignation, we have to incur the hardship of going every Friday to the nearest mosque, which is 10 kilometers away from us, especially since we are old and sick, and I appeal to end our suffering.”

For his part, the Director of the Media and Institutional Communication Department at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs branch in Hail, Wissam Suleiman Al-Obaid, told Okaz: “Fridays were not stopped by the branch, and the branch of the Mosques Administration did not receive any indication that Friday had stopped, nor was it received from the people of The village indicates that, as for the previous preacher, he resigned, and a preacher who meets the minimum requirements for appointment did not come forward, and a preacher was assigned from the Ministry’s branch in the Hail region to perform Friday prayers, which corresponds to 2/8/1445, note That the village is about 250 kilometers from Hail, and through your platform we call on those who have the desire to preach in the aforementioned mosque to apply for the administration of the wall mosques.

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