“Audio-visual”: 3 cases excluded from the “reliable” license

The General Authority for Audiovisual Media confirmed that the “reliable” licensing controls apply to the individual, citizen and resident, and the foreign investor who advertises through social media platforms, with the exception of specific cases according to the controls.

She revealed that the cases excluded from a “reliable” license are as follows: advertising an event or activity for a government agency, according to the procedures set by the authority, an individual announcing a product or service of his own through his personal account, sponsoring individuals under the age of 18 for educational, sports and cultural activities, on the other hand. The activity should be appropriate for their age group.

The authority stressed that the licensee’s obligations are as follows: using the account names and descriptions provided in the license, and may not modify them except when renewing the license or by submitting a “modification request” in the event of a desire to modify or add a new account on the platform, not enabling Any another person or party from the advertisement through the account registered with the Authority,

To clarify in a manner that removes confusion that what is displayed is paid or unpaid advertising or promotional material.

She added that the licensee is obligated to: that the advertising material not lead, directly or indirectly, to deceive or mislead the consumer or cause confusion with other products, services or names, that the advertiser should take into account when announcing not to harm the reputation of the interests of companies or institutions or individuals or reduce them Or violating the principle of competition, not advertising or promoting illegal products, services or activities, not exploiting children for promotion and advertising marketing.

The licensee is also committed to the conditions and requirements issued by the authorities responsible for the advertised product or service, that the advertised products or services are not in violation of the applicable regulations and that they are approved and licensed by the relevant authorities, not to display or broadcast any advertising material or advocacy without a contract Or a written agreement, that the advertisement does not contain any acts that include cruelty, violence, incitement to committing crimes, racial discrimination, or provoking strife.

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