attacked a dog and caused serious injuries

More and more pumas appear near towns and cities in the province of Santa Fe. In In the last fifteen days, two specimens were seen in Roldán and Funes. One died as a result of stress after poor handling by neighbors to catch him. This Monday, a new sighting occurred in Nuevo Alberdi.

The copy appeared this Sunday morning in a home in the northwest area of ​​the city. According to reports, the puma attacked the dog of a family in the neighborhood and then fled to the side of the Rosario Autodrome. They assure that it is very likely that he still remains in the area.

Oscarowner of the attacked greyhound, told the press: “We heard the dogs fighting and immediately went out to see why they were fighting.. The biggest dog in the house was fighting with the cougar. The first thing my old man does is grab a stick and go to the place. He never imagined it was a puma, he thought it was another dog“.

In that sense, he added in dialogue with De 12 a 14: “When he faces him he realizes that it was a wild animal, which was passing through the fields at that moment. When the animal sees him, it runs away, leaving the dog badly injured and lying on the floor”.

The puma immediately escaped to the side of the racetrack and has not yet been found by the Ecological Police.

Meanwhile, the family dog ​​is badly injured. He has wounds in several areas of his body and is in a veterinary hospital to recover from the attack.

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Why pumas appear more and more often

Asked about the reasons for the appearances of pumas in urban areasthe representative of the MundoAparte shelter, Franco Peruggino, told The capital that currently pumas do not have an “ecological niche” since they are “totally cornered by agriculture”. He expanded: “The agricultural-livestock frontier moved so much that all the mountains where they hunted today are soybean fields. And they are not going to eat soy.”

puma world apart

One of the pumas that is in the MundoAparte shelter.

One of the pumas that is in the MundoAparte shelter.

Photo: Héctor Rio / La Capital

“Pumas are the large carnivores that we have in our ecosystem, the largest predator in Argentina because there are practically no jaguars,” explained the volunteer, and continued: “They do not find vizcachas, nor hares, nor any wild prey. Where they had natural prey to feed on, today there are fields where there may be calves, sheep or chickens. The owners of the ranch declare them enemies and when they get into a feedlot and kill some calves, the owner of the field is going to kill the puma.”.

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The female puma teaches her cubs to hunt killing several specimens that are targets of predation in a single night, as Peruggino explained, not to eat but so that the puppies can practice and incorporate the habit. It’s pure animal instinct. Without the aforementioned animals, replaced by livestock, the puma enters into a process that permanently confronts it with livestock producers.

According to the Biodiversity Information System of the National Parks Administration, pumas are victims of mascotism since it is raised as a puppy and then becomes a potential danger.

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