Arsenal legend attacks Arteta and excludes competition for the Premier League title next season

Tony Adams, former Arsenal captain and one of his most prominent legends, does not feel the “gunners” will be able to continue to shine during the next season in the English Premier League, hinting at the need for a change in the club and contracting with a new coach to succeed Spaniard Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal competed strongly for the English Premier League title in the 2022-2023 season, and gave up the lead to Manchester City in the last breath after it was leading the standings for most of the season, and finished the competition in second place with 84 points, 5 points behind the champion.

Adams, a former Arsenal defender, said in statements highlighted by the Spanish newspaper “As”: “I am not suggesting that Arsenal dismiss Arteta, but I am afraid that this is the strongest option now to move forward in the competition during the next season.”

He explained, “Since Arteta’s arrival in 2019, the club has spent more than 400 million pounds (465 million euros) on contracts that did not include any player Manchester City wanted.”

He added, “Arteta said that his players did not reach their peak and did not exhaust their strength during the season, but I object to his words because they were mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. It is clear to me that he was not confident in his players who are on the bench.”

Adams stressed that Arsenal would not be able to compete with Manchester City for the Premier League title in the next season 2023-2024 if it did not conclude strong deals.

“No one expected the team to finish the season in this (second) position, but I think a large part of the players have already reached their maximum level,” he said.

He added, “The team will not be able to compete with Manchester City without new contracts, and it will also be difficult for them to finish in second place as well.”

Adams explained his point of view, “Manchester City’s substitutes are better than any other team in the Premier League, and Newcastle United, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea will be much stronger next season.”

Regarding his expectations for Arsenal’s summer transfer market, Adams said, “Unfortunately, I don’t think they have enough money to sign all the players they need, and this makes me worried that they have lost the chance to win the title again.”

And Adams concluded, “Declan Rice could be one of these players, and Arsenal needs another centre-back, striker, midfielder and winger, they must be among the best in the world, but Arsenal’s problem is that he wants players with experience in English football, so the price will be high.” When they go to negotiate with their rivals in the Premier League.

Adams previously played for Arsenal from 1983 until his retirement from football in the summer of 2002, during which he won 12 titles, 4 of which were in the English Premier League.

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