Are we close to dispensing with rulers with robots?


One expert believes that rulers could be replaced by robots within the next 30 years.

And the British news agency “BA Media” stated that artificial intelligence is already emerging in the field of arbitration, through the use of video assistant referee technology (VAR) and goal-line technology, but it is expected that reliance on it will increase strongly in the future.

With more high-quality data available, it may be possible for matches to be run by an AI machine, eliminating the need for a human referee on the field.

“Computer vision is getting more and more effective in the next few years and the number of cameras will only increase,” said Aldo Comi, chief executive of Scorement, a leading football analytics company.

He added, “The amount of data that is tagged, and the quality of the models that are trained with this data will increase dramatically, and thanks to this you will have artificial intelligence models that can make arbitration decisions against the background of what these models see on the field.”

And he added, “Therefore, we may reach a point where we do not need a ruling at all.”

And he continued, “Before this, you may have a referee but you will not need the flag bearer (assistant referee), maybe they will disappear from the beginning of the matches. The referee will be in contact with the virtual assistant, who will guide him to make better decisions.”

And he stressed that, “In the end, in 20 or 30 years, probably, it will be the rule of artificial intelligence. I’m not saying this is positive, I’m just saying it’s most likely to happen.

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