Anwar Gargash Academy receives a new batch of future diplomats

The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy welcomed a new batch of students from its academic programs for the academic year 2023-2024, including a Postgraduate Diploma in Emirati Diplomacy and International Relations, a Master of Arts in International Affairs and Diplomatic Leadership, and a Master of Arts in Humanitarian and Development Action.

In a special event hosted by the Academy at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh, Cultural Adviser to His Highness the President of the State, member of the Board of Trustees of the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, delivered a welcoming speech, in which he emphasized that future diplomats contribute to strengthening the country’s position at the global level by spreading culture and values. UAE, and support the country’s strategy to spread peace and tolerance, and achieve balance and stability throughout the region.

His Excellency said: “The wise leadership realizes the importance of investing in building a promising and empowered generation of diplomats who will contribute to achieving the country’s strategic goals and visions. The influential and pioneering role of the UAE at the regional and international levels is evident through its efforts to promote stability and peace, and it continues these endeavors to secure balance and a peaceful solution to conflicts.” Through its network of international diplomatic, bilateral, and multilateral relations.

Speaking to the new class, he added: “In this academy, you will be able to understand the complexities of international relations, and you will acquire the skills required to face global challenges efficiently and flexibly. You will develop motivation and passion to work in the diplomatic corps, as it is not just a profession, but a responsibility that requires determination, will, and continuous professional development.” This is necessary to keep pace with the rapid changes that affect multiple areas, from political, economic and social, to technology, sustainability requirements, and the aspirations of future generations.”

For his part, His Excellency Nikolai Mladenov, Director General of the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, welcomed the new students of future diplomats, explaining that it is a first step on the path of science, knowledge and service to the country, as the Academy paves the way for them to work in the diplomatic corps.

He said: “The pioneering and influential role of the UAE on the world stage pushes it to build an empowered generation of diplomats to shape the features of mutual relations and international cooperation. Despite the challenges that the world of diplomacy brings, young people have a promising opportunity to join the elite diplomats who represent the UAE in various fields.” They contribute to achieving its foreign policy goals and national interests.”

He added: “The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy provides everything that future diplomats need to acquire knowledge and skills, as it brings together the best in academic, research and practical circles to prepare and qualify current and future generations of diplomats and leaders of government agencies to best represent the UAE on the international arena.”

In turn, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director of the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, welcomed the new batch of students, pointing out that the high turnout for the Academy’s programs this year stems from the growing awareness of the importance of diplomacy in achieving the aspirations of the UAE during the coming decades.

He said: “Today we begin a distinguished journey in the path of Emirati diplomacy, as a promising generation joins us with motivation and passion to serve the country by arming itself with the skills and arts of diplomacy, and building bridges of understanding and cooperation with different cultures and peoples. I wish my brothers and sisters students every success in their new academic year.”

The Academy provided an introductory overview of its departments and faculty members, in addition to the most important stages of the educational journey that students will engage in over a period of nine months. Students will have a unique opportunity to acquire diverse knowledge and experiences, especially the ability to assess and analyze economic, political, legal and social aspects, and geopolitical trends, as well as carry out diplomatic tasks and responsibilities through advanced problem-solving skills, advanced analytical mechanisms, and research and communication tools.

The students of the Academy will have many opportunities to interact and meet the most prominent leaders, specialists and dignitaries in the world of diplomacy from around the world. Throughout the year, the Academy hosts a series of lectures and seminars with the participation of elite diplomats and experts to discuss topical issues and the current situation in several areas related to the foreign policy of the UAE.

Students also participate in the academy’s research and analysis programs, which deal with important topics such as relations between the Gulf states and Asian, African and European countries, energy, climate change and sustainable development, peace and security in the Middle East and North Africa, economic diplomacy, innovation in diplomacy, and women in diplomacy.

The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy provides a unique educational community that combines the advantages of academic programs, practical leadership thought, and access to the most prominent diplomatic minds, to ensure that students are provided with the best skills and valuable knowledge in the field of diplomacy to have a positive impact on Emirati diplomacy.

The Academy’s programs cover several core subjects, including diplomatic history; contemporary international relations; international law; the foreign policy of the UAE; history and government; International security and conflict resolution, as well as international political economy.

Students will also acquire skills in research methods; negotiation; and diplomatic communication, protocol and etiquette, as well as consular diplomacy and crisis management.

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