Andrés Ibarra confirmed that Mauricio Macri will be a candidate for vice president of Boca Juniors

Andrés Ibarra confirms that Macri will be a candidate for vice president of Boca

Confirmed: Andrés Ibarra-Mauricio Macri will be one of the opposition formulas that will compete in the Boca Juniors elections on December 2. Pending confirmation of the date, the candidate for president xeneize publicly announced that the former president of the Nation will actively join the payroll and will appear on the ballots.

He makes the decision to participate as vice president, a formula that we will confirm because we are working with the rest of the lists to form a unity list. We will officially confirm it on Monday at a press conference. The decision he made is because we want to put Boca back up there and put together a very important team,” Ibarra said in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia.

What was the reason that led Macri to make the decision to play hard in next month’s elections? “It is a process that we have been talking about for a while and there are statutory deadlines to comply with. This is Mauricio’s decision. We are going to confirm the list on Monday at noon because we want a unit list. Mauricio’s idea is to participate,” said Andrés Ibarra, who in the past was General Manager of Boca during Macri’s last management at the institution.

Mauricio Macri and Andrés Ibarra during the presentation of the stadium they plan to build near the current Bombonera
Mauricio Macri and Andrés Ibarra during the presentation of the stadium they plan to build near the current Bombonera
Just as Infobae had anticipated a few weeks agoFinally, Macri will be in the opposition space in order to win the election against Juan Román Riquelme, current vice president from Boca who is currently considering the idea of ​​leading the formula for the ruling party. “I will accompany the Board of Directors, yes. Wherever they put me I’m going to be. I think it is a moment in which we have to lend a shoulder because we are very bad. We are very sad with this present from Boca,” Macri had anticipated months ago, who is waiting for what will happen in the national elections in which invited to support the candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei.

“Those of us who love Boca want to see it up there. What we put forward is what Boca does not have: management and teamwork. In Boca there is arrogance and authoritarianism. We want to recover our identity. Politics, if there is one, is because there are people with ideology and beliefs, but that is not the driving force that encourages us to understand this candidacy and a management that reaches the highest international standards,” Andrés Ibarra elaborated in the note.

Ibarra and Macri opted for a project to build a new Bombonera to accommodate more than 100,000 spectators, just meters from the current one. The plan has already been presented before the Buenos Aires Legislature and has parliamentary treatment, just as happened with the Bombonera 360 of the ruling party and the Bombonera on Demarchi Island of Reale. Meanwhile, Andrés Ibarra appeared alongside Roberto Abbondanzieri and Diego Cagna, who would accompany him in the sports structure if elected president. Under seven keys are the names of the coaches he would bet on and they have always been Macri’s weaknesses. Martin Palermotoday in Platense, and Carlos Tevez, of great work in Independiente, may become the cards up their sleeve after the confirmation of the list. And we should not rule out the Twins Barros Schelottowho were free after their experience in the Paraguayan national team.

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