Ancelotti is ready to cut his salary in order to prevent the introduction of cameras in Real Madrid’s dressing rooms

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti objected to the idea of ​​television broadcast cameras entering the dressing rooms of La Liga teams, a position that is fully consistent with the vision of the “royal” club.

And Ancelotti expressed his willingness to reduce his salary in order to continue preventing cameras from entering the Real Madrid room in the matches of the current season of “La Liga”.

“Cameras do not enter our locker room because we have the right to do so,” Ancelotti said in a press conference after his team’s victory over Almeria in the second round of the league championship.

He added, in statements reported by the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, “If their entry is compulsory, then I am ready to reduce my salary so that they do not enter,” considering that the club will lose some money if cameras are prevented.

And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” had confirmed that all La Liga clubs adhered to the new broadcast system for “La Liga” matches, with the exception of Real Madrid.

She explained that the new system, which was officially approved on July 3, 2023, gives the right to the company responsible for broadcasting the league matches by placing cameras in the locker rooms and filming behind the scenes of the teams before the start of the matches, during the break and after their end, to document the reactions of the players and the coach under the pretext that the viewer is closer to the audience. his team players.

financial temptations

And “Marca” indicated that the Spanish League has allocated part of the funds for television broadcasting rights in order to distribute them to the clubs to encourage them to cooperate in the best possible way, and for this purpose an amount of 130 million euros has been allocated, which will be distributed to the clubs according to the degree of cooperation of each of them.

According to the newspaper, this proposal was accepted by most of the Spanish League clubs, who are 17 teams, compared to two clubs that abstained from voting, while Real Madrid was the only club that objected to it, a step that Marca said was “another example of its war with La Liga.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish “Larzon” website asked about the legality of placing cameras in dressing rooms, similar to what happens in professional tournaments in the United States, explaining that there is a lot of controversy about this matter.

The site highlighted an article from the regulations on surveillance cameras in Spanish law, which states that “surveillance cameras cannot be installed in private areas, and therefore cameras should not be placed in areas where people enjoy their privacy, such as changing rooms and bathrooms.”

The site believes that the regulation is clear, as it prohibits placing cameras in areas where their presence constitutes a violation of people’s privacy, whether that is in the changing room at the workplace, the football team room, or the gym.

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