An Emirati artwork that reinforces the cultural ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan

Yesterday, a new exhibition by Emirati plastic artist Latifa Saeed opened in the Kazakh capital, Almaty, in which a pioneering work of art that was being created simultaneously in the two countries was unveiled, in the framework of strengthening cultural ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan.

The exhibition was inaugurated with a special ceremony held yesterday at the prestigious “Almaty Gallery” in the presence of a number of dignitaries, headed by Ammar Omar Al-Buraiki, Head of the Financial Management Department, Department of Consular Affairs and National Services at the State Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition, titled “Black Silhouette” and which will run until July 8, is supported by Dubai-based Almaty City Municipality and the Dubai-based Scalo Group, which supports the exhibition as part of its commitment to promote cultural, artistic and community activities.

Among the most prominent pieces of art in the exhibition is a new and exclusive artwork called “The Road of Sands”, which consists of two intricately designed metal structures, equipped with special glass panels handcrafted from the sands of the desert surrounding Dubai.

Latifa Saeed is considered the first Emirati woman to hold an art exhibition in Kazakhstan, and the Emirati plastic artist had traveled to Kazakhstan about a month ago, where she collaborated with the Kazakh engineer and inventor Sergey Bilan to design and implement the artwork, as it was agreed to manufacture glass panels in Dubai, while The chassis is designed and assembled in Almaty.

The idea of ​​the exhibition came after a meeting between Latifa Saeed and the famous art historian, critic and author Valeria Ibraeva last January in Dubai. Upon her return, she began working on planning and preparing the exhibition.

On this occasion, Latifa Saeed said: “It is a great honor for me to cooperate with a creative personality such as Valeria Ibraeva to plan and organize this distinguished exhibition, which builds bridges of cultural and artistic cooperation between our two countries, and presents an image of the identity of the region. And let’s not forget the great support we received from the UAE and Kazakhstan, which greatly contributed to facilitating the organization of this exhibition and the realization of this dream.”

The collaboration with visual artist Latifa Saeed marks the beginning of a new commitment by the Scalo Group to support cultural, artistic and community activities in the UAE.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to support such a prestigious exhibition,” said Rashid Makhat, Director and Co-Founder of the Scalo Group, which includes the technology venture company “Scalo Technology” and “Scalo Real Estate”, which focuses on the real estate sector. It is our pleasure to play a role in introducing Latifa’s talent and artistic creations across various media and fields, and we are all confident that her works will contribute to the consolidation of relations and ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan.”

During her visit to Latifa Saeed’s studio in Dubai last January, Valeria Ibraeva met other Emirati artists.

The Black Silhouette exhibition features nine artworks by Latifa Saeed, in which she used various media including metal, textiles, glass, and sand.

Each plate of glass used in Sand Path contains a sample from Latifa Saeed’s archives, adding a personal touch to the artwork. The fact that the three stages of the creative process took place simultaneously between Dubai and Almaty underscores the seamless integration of artistic expression and cultural exchange.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the harmonious mixture of materials, textures and ideas that characterize plastic artist Latifa Saeed, and get to know closely the similarities between the two cultures.

Through her innovative approach, the visual artist showcases art’s power to transcend boundaries, foster cultural bonds beyond language and geography, and create a positive social impact.

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