An art critic expressed his opinion about Bayoumi Fouad’s statements: “If you are not coming to laugh

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Monday 06 November 2023

Books – Masrawy:
Art critic Andrew Mohsen said that he did not like to comment on the ongoing dispute between artist Bayoumi Fouad and artist Mohamed Salam, after the latter apologized for not participating in the play Artificial Marriage, but he was stopped by a sentence the former said that he would comment on.
“Andrew” published a post on his official Facebook account, saying: “I do not want to enter into a discussion about the quarrel surrounding Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Salam, but I cannot get over the phrase (We are not coming to make you laugh), which an actor said after the end of his role in a play.” Comedic. This sentence sums up the nature of many artists’ understanding of the concept of art, its types, and its importance.”

He continued: “It is as if presenting this laughter in itself is something shameful. It is not possible for me to come and present laughter. That is why the idea of ​​a useless message is widespread among us: it is not useful for a play to just laugh. There must be a message to convey to the audience, even if it is intrusive and unnecessary, and its blood is drained.” It is written worse than the rest of the entire text, but it is shameful for us to just laugh.”

He ended his comment by saying: “I don’t even think that the audience who was present came to the play for a reason other than the desire to laugh, so if you are not coming to make them laugh, then you are laughing at them.”

Social media pioneers circulated the artist Bayoumi Fouad’s response to the artist Mohamed Salam after the end of the theatrical performance, during which he attacked “Salam,” saying: “You can apologize for the play, but you do not have the right to make mistakes in your art.”

He continued: “We present art. We get tired and miserable in order to present art, not in order to laugh. If the matter is like this, then there will be artists from the days of Najib Al-Rihani until Muhammad Anwar who should have committed suicide. We are presenting art. Greetings to you, I am sorry. I swear to God, we do not have money, and God Almighty does not I have money. If this show stays for another 15 days without pay, we will still be honored and we will be very happy. My greetings to you, and I am sorry. We have been wronged and insulted, and we are coming to present art.”

It is noteworthy that Bayoumi Fouad recently screened his film “Foy, Foy, Foy,” starring the artist Mohamed Farrag, which was chosen to represent Egypt in the 2024 Oscar nominations in the “Best Foreign Film” category.


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