An Argentine hotel closed its doors to Roger Waters after anti-Semitic remarks

The reservation that Roger Waters had performed for him and his band during His visit to Buenos Aires at the Faena Hotel was canceled. Although the company did not issue an official statement, official sources revealed that this action was due to the controversial statements by the former leader of Pink Floyd about the attack by the terrorist group Hamas against Israel on October 7.

Waters, who is scheduled to appear at the River Plate Stadium on November 21 and 22, was excluded from the Faena Hotel due to his anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic statements. In an interview with lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald, the British musician expressed skepticism about the events in Israel, suggesting that the Israeli military was aware of the attacks beforehand.

How the hell did the Israelis not know this was going to happen? I’m still a little bit down that rabbit hole. I mean, didn’t the Israeli army in those 11, 10 or 11 fields hear the bangs when they exploded?” Waters questioned.

His statements led to the Faena Hotel’s decision not to admit the stay of a public figure who promotes hatred. The hotel, owned by Alan Faena, chose not to comment publicly on the issue, but sources indicate the decision was made internally.

In the same interview, Waters avoided condemning Hamas’ savage massacre of civiliansarguing that he still “didn’t know if they were responsible.” He stated that resistance to the Israeli occupation since 1967 was legal and moral, justifying violence.

As the dates of his presentations in River Plate approach, the controversy surrounding his statements continues to grow, generating debate about the limits between freedom of expression and public responsibility.

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