An American TikToker announces her conversion to Islam due to the events in Gaza.. Video

Megan Rice appeared in a video on TikTok, wearing… Hijab She pronounced the testimony, and thousands of people interacted with her Muslims around the world.

Megan Rice is best known for… The Arab world By expressing her support for the people of Gaza during the events of the current conflict, she showed interest in the strength and steadfastness of the Palestinians, and aroused special interest in the extent of their faith and steadfastness in confronting the Israeli army.

Megan Rice appeared in video clips in which she expressed her inquiry about the reasons for the strength and steadfastness of the Palestinians, and wondered about their motives and faith, which clearly appears in their response to challenges.

And after reading it The Holy Quran She expressed her admiration for the deep meanings and miracles she found in his words, and noted that she cried hard when reading some of the verses for the first time.

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